Our Values

Our Values, in addition to our pillars of connect, showcase and empower, form the core of SA Woman. They filter through all our decisions, strategic direction and deeply embody our mission for South Australian women and girls to soar in their business or career.

Belonging | Innovation | Integrity | Growth | Impact | Equity


SA Woman is a space for all women to be welcomed and included. A  space that you can share your successes, your fears, your doubts, your wins and your losses. A space to meet those who think the same and those who challenge your way of thinking. A space to build friendships centred around trust, mutual respect, and collaboration.  A space where everyone feels valuable and is a contributor to positive change.  


SA Woman is in a constant state of innovation as the world around us continues to change and develop. We cannot expect to break down the societal barriers and roadblocks that hold women back from success without being the drivers of the change we wish to see. We look at the challenges women have faced before us, listen to the challenges women are facing today and disrupt the norms that do not serve the future we want to see for ourselves, our daughters, our nieces and all girls who look up to us.


SA Woman will always create impact with the best interests of South Australian women at our core. Our decisions, our organisational culture, our showcasing, supporting, and empowering all come from a place of honesty and respect for the women who are part of our community. We strive to be known and recognised as an organisation who acts with good intention and who holds the values and morals of our members in high regard.


SA Woman is passionate about growth in all of its forms. We celebrate personal growth, professional growth, emotional growth and social growth. We believe in learning through conversation with our members and the community. We support the process of developing throughout your professional life and are here to encourage and empower women to grow in the areas most relevant to themselves, while showcasing the areas of growth they might not yet be familiar with.


SA Woman is here to make an impact. We are here to create a world for our young women and girls that is easier than the world we grew up in. We are here to carve pathways for women in business that are smoother than the pathways we have already walked. We are here to shine a light on the incredible work being done by women throughout the state, so that the expertise of these women reaches those who need it the most. 


SA Woman is creating an equitable future for women and girls in South Australia. We are amplifying the voices of women who are too often overlooked. We are creating opportunities, facilitating connection, and highlighting the work being done throughout SA for those disadvantaged by the way the world operates. We are championing the women who may not otherwise be heard and we are showing the next generation of women and girls that they can succeed, they can have an impact and they can create the change they need to see in their own lives.