Our Team

From the outset, the vision of SA Woman was a brave and big one. One that saw a community that was led and driven by it’s members. As time has evolved the passion of our members to be involved has become more and more apparent.

While the community is led and guided by our founder Carly Thompson-Barry (Find out more about her vision HERE and her Facebook page HERE), the women inside our community are what make our team. We have an incredibly diverse and skilled community of amazing women who are part of making the everyday happen to connect, support and help our members grow.

From our diverse Events Teams (each event we hold is supported by our members to help bring it to life), to our Magazine Team (of whom are recognised for their incredible contribution in each issue), to our Community Leaders throughout the year, to our Connectors (women who are bringing together women in all over SA, more about them HERE) and our individual members who are spreading the word about SA Woman and supporting one another through the sharing of knowledge.

So, you won’t see any specific faces here on this page, because Our Team? It’s our community. Together we are passionate, driven and determined women in business. We are proud South Australians. And we are ready to rise up as a community, together, for us all.