Your own village of business besties here to help you find your wings and fly!

2024 is the year for unapologetically finding the support you need to soar in business and life!

The life of a solo entrepreneur can be isolating. You wear all the hats in your business and have limited chances to share the load with someone else.

You are doing all the courses and attending all the networking events, but there is no one there to bounce around new ideas with or talk through your next steps.

You’re either doing it all solo, or have a small team meaning the pressure always falls on you. Some days feel heavy, and you just wish someone was there beside you to help you soar towards your perfect business. 

You may even be juggling jobs, parenting or caring responsibilities on top of it all.

You have the best intentions for your business, but need the added accountability of someone who understands the life of a busy woman in business.

Our program is like your business sisterhood. A village of likeminded women at a similar stage of business as you, ready to support, encourage and uplift you as you reach your own unique goals and navigate the business owner world.

Kicking off in February, spaces are extremely limited for this new SA Woman program!

About Soar Together

Join us as we step through a 11-month accountability, intention setting and reflection workbook. This workbook will lay out your months in a clear and easy to follow template – highlighting the areas of your business life that are bringing you joy and those that are holding you back.

We will be facilitating the workbook throughout the year, via our monthly sessions and with regular check-ins in the Facebook Group and via Facebook Chat.

This is not a coaching course!

There will be NO promises of 6 figure income or being pushed into areas outside of your business scope. This is a supportive environment to find the encouragement you need to reach your own business goals (on your terms), with some focused guidance from us. It is an opportunity to connect with other business owners and build your confidence and self-assurance in your business plans.

Best suited to women working on their own or with small teams, Soar Together is available face to face or as a virtual group, facilitated by Carly Thompson-Barry (face to face) and Carly Lukacs (virtual group).


Each month we will:

  • Come together as a group to set realistic goals and plan out the year ahead
  • Find support for the challenges and setbacks that occur in business from a group of passionate and kind women going through the same challenges
  • Celebrate your wins, successes and “ah-ha” moments with your own cheer squad
  • Stay accountable with monthly facilitated group sessions
  • Keep connected with a Private Facebook Group exclusively for participants of the program
  • Finally find your place to be yourself and create the business you want – without the outside noise.

How we will soar together:

 Virtual Group

  • Monthly check-in sessions via zoom, held on the first Monday of each month from the comfort of your own home or office: 7:30pm – 9pm (FIRST SESSION: Monday 5th February)
  • Digital download of the Soar workbook – a resource focussed on planning your year to best suit your business and your own goals
  • Entry into the facebook group and chat for ongoing support from your fellow soar sisters and facilitators. 
  • Opportunity to book a 1:1 sessions with either facilitator.

One-time Annual Payment: $550 including GST
Monthly Payment Plan (Feb – Dec): $55 per month including GST

Face-to-face Group

  • Monthly check-in sessions held in person at the SA Woman Office, Tapleys Hill Road Seaton, on the first Friday of each month: 9:30am – 11am (FIRST SESSION: Friday 2nd February)
  • Bound printed copy of the Soar workbook – a resource focussed on planning your year to best suit your business and your own goals
  • Entry into the  facebook group and chat for ongoing support from your fellow soar sisters and facilitators. 
  • Opportunity to book a 1:1 sessions with either facilitator.
  • Tea & Coffee refreshments during your monthly sessions

One-time Annual Payment: $770 including GST
Monthly Payment Plan (Feb – Dec): $77 per month including GST

Ready to surround yourself with your soar sisters?

Click the button below and send us an email to secure your spot now OR to chat further about how we can support you and your business to soar your way for the year ahead! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a session look like?

Each monthly check-in session will incorporate intention setting and reflection discussions. Each sister will have time to hold the floor and share and discuss your business with the group to allow for support and connection for the challenges of business.

How do I pay and what are the payment terms?

You can pay either monthly or annually through stripe. Monthly payments will occur on the 1st of each month after your payment plan has been setup. This can be through a credit or debit card setup in our secure Stripe system.

This is a commitment for 11 months, so please see it as committing to both yourself and your fellow sisterhood!

We know it can be hard to know what something is like before you have tried it. So if after your first session, you don’t feel it’s for you (and that’s ok!), please reach out to us within 7 days and we will organise a refund (if annual) or cancellation (of future payments) – less the first months fee.

Do I need to be an SA Woman member?

No. This is open to all women. However, if you are seeking further connection, networking and showcasing opportunities, we highly recommend becoming a member! You can find out more at www.sawoman.com.au.

Why is this not a coaching course?

We believe, coaching courses have their place in an individuals journey. But for many women, they don’t need to be coached, they just need to be supported on their journey and have the space to work ‘on’ their businesses. Our own personal journeys individually, but also working together, have had us realise just how important it is to have those people you can talk business with.

In addition, every woman is unique. They come from different businesses, backgrounds, experiences and knowledge bases. This can make it inefficient for the individual to go through a set coaching program or course when it comes to their businesses, we do not fit in boxes or curriculums! We need what we need, when we need it!  This program allows us to meet you where you are and then support you to feel empowered to go where you want to go!

About your Facilitators

About Carly Lukacs

Carly Lukacs has been part of the SA Woman Australia team since late 2021 and comes to the business with a range of experience in business. Graduating DUX of her class, Carly studied a Bachelor of Business at the French Culinary and Restaurant Management School, Le Cordon Bleu Australia. Since then, she has worked across a range of industries, including travel, recruitment, hospitality management and manufacturing. Within these industries she has held positions of managing teams, office management and administration and event management. Utilising her culinary background, Carly also ran her own business creating luxury iced sugar cookies and teaching cooking basics classes.

After her second child was born, Carly found her life turned upside down with post-partum depression during the tumultuous early days of COVID-19 – stuck at home with a toddler and a newborn and struggling with the uncertainty of what was to come. This ongoing mental health challenge became the catalyst for a new business assisting small business owners with their copywriting, social media posts, blog posts and general business admin. Knowing first hand how many factors influence a small business’ success, Carly has turned her passion for writing and storytelling, as well as her natural desire to help and support other women, into providing support to other women in business.

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About Carly Thompson-Barry

Carly Thompson-Barry is a Business Nurturer and Founder of SA Woman. A weaver of women, she is relentless in her pursuit to nurture women in business and life and believes strongly in the need to support the whole woman – body, soul and business. With a diverse business career spanning the last 14 years, she brings her background in finance, business and wellbeing to help lead and lift up a membership community, mentor women in business and creatively showcase the work of women from all backgrounds across the State through a range of initiatives. Underpinning her mission is the belief that ‘we can’t be what we can’t see’ and this drives the mission to continue to spread the word on the talented women our state has within it – inspiring all women and girls to soar, no matter their path.

On a personal note, as a mother of 3, wife and employee, she knows all about the juggling when it comes to being a woman in business! She has pivoted more times than she can count, cried more tears than she cares to admit and had many moments of wanting to quit. But through it all, it has been her wing women, the women surrounding and encouraging her, that have helped her through, reminded her of her brilliance and picked her back up again. Her first hand experience as a woman in business, has been the catalyst for her continued passion to bring women together. 

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