Nicola Spencer   – Nicola Spencer Coaching / Shadetec

Nicola Spencer – Nicola Spencer Coaching / Shadetec

I am a busy Manifesting Generator Human Design energy type.
I am an Early Years Teacher building a business with the aim to leave teaching in 2 years.
I am a partner and mother to 4 boys (16-35) and grandmother to 2 boys (5 & 13).
I’m a self improvement junkie, I love yoga, meditation, journaling and I enjoy bushwalking.
My family are heavily involved in dirt kart racing, we’ve all raced at one point and currently we have one son racing competitively

Jane Whiting  – Samadhi Healing

Jane Whiting – Samadhi Healing

For decades I have been committed to pursuing holistic and spiritual modes of healing. As a long-time registered nurse, I often wondered what was happening in people‘s lives beyond the clinical presentation.

My quest to understand and help people led me to study and research many different modes of healing. I have worked with clients for over 25 years in the spiritual and energy healing arena.

My path as a certified relationship coach revealed that the women who committed to meditation and working at the soul level had better results and more powerful healing.

This experience confirmed that true healing went beyond the physical to encompass body, mind, and soul.

In 2010 my journey of discovery led me to Ekam in India, where I have studied and trained many times to facilitate spiritual growth and meditation courses.

My strong desire to help people is now more fully realised with the opening of Samadhi Healing, as the EE System goes way beyond anything I have ever experienced.

The body wants to heal, and I believe that the EE System creates the environment for the body to do just that, heal itself. And that’s exciting!

Sue Bickmore  – Simply Natural Massage Therapy

Sue Bickmore – Simply Natural Massage Therapy

I am a 60 year old wife, mother & grandmother and run a small business called Simply Natural Massage Therapy at Glenelg South. have been a remedial therapist for 15 years and started my clinic 12 years ago and love what I do. I also like to travel Australia in our caravan visiting remote places and enjoying the outdoors whenever I can get away.

Valeria  – Valeria Food Photography

Valeria – Valeria Food Photography

Hi, I’m Vale, a food photographer passionate about capturing the beauty of food as a masterpiece. I was born in Peru, and all my childhood was around food and being in the kitchen helping my mum or grandma. When I was old enough to choose a career, I wanted cuisine, but I couldn’t then, so I decided to study Business to work in the future in food and beverage. At the end of the university, I ended up in the corporate world, but I always enjoyed cooking; it was my creative outlet or going to nice restaurants. After working 17 years in the corporate world, I moved to Australia and started a food blog as a hobby to connect with my roots. That is when I found food photography to take better pictures for my blog. I started my first course to know my camera, fell in love with it and found my true passion. Since that day, I haven’t left my camera, taken photos of different products, foods and fantastic brands, and turned my passion into my career.