Just being here shows your shared passion for spreading the word about the wonderful women we have all across South Australia! We feel that is about time that our States’s women have the light shining on them, showing the next generation of girls and young women that anything is possible! We are to celebrate women in business, in careers, in volunteer roles, in carer roles, in any and every way they contribute and do wonderful things, we want to hear about them!

The SA Woman of the Month Award, celebrates the achievements and contributions of all women, from all backgrounds, from allover South Australia! Simply pop in the details in the form below and share with us the wonderful woman you want to be recognised.

Nominations close on the 21st of each month. With announcement due at the end of that month.

The Winner will have the opportunity to share their story on our blog and social media, so that we can celebrate them far and wide! And a special gift sent to them from a local woman-owned business! 

Got a question? Email Carly – carly@sawoman.com.au.