Are you wanting to grow your leadership skills? Or support a staff member to flourish?

Perhaps you are wanting to grow in confidence. Or have a staff member needing support to speak up. Or grow your communication skills.  Or learn more about self, so you can lead authentically as you!

Women to the front is all about empowering South Australia’s women to take the steps in life, communities and workplaces to come to the forefront as the incredible and authentic leaders they are here to be!

We have teamed up with Anita Schneyder from Teams on Purpose to create a new affordable and accesible  leadership  program for women to start in August.

Whether you are a woman in business, a woman starting out or a woman just wanting to grow personally, this is for an opportunity for you to take the next steps to stand and own your place at the front! 

Why participate?

  • Upskill your leadership and take your effectiveness to the next level.
  • Learn how to influence others.
  • Be the best leader you can be.
  • Empower yourself and others to pursue their dreams.
  • Build your confidence to lead authentically.
  • Break down barriers to success.
  • Build relationships with a diverse range of leaders in you.

Who is this for?

  • Existing leaders
  • Emerging leaders
  • Anyone in a leadership position – whether in their own business, as an employee or in their family or community group.
  • You don’t need to hold a position of power to be a leader – Leadership is the ability to influence others so in fact we all need leadership skills

What is included?


Workshop 1 – Leadership Wednesday 3rd AugustWorkshop 2 – Communication Tuesday 23rd AugustWorkshop 3 – Understanding Self/ EQ Thursday 15th SeptemberWorkshop 4 – Leading People – Tuesday 4th OctoberWorkshop 5 – Management Essentials- Thursday 27th October

Workshop 6 – Leading Self – Friday 18th November (with optional end of program dinner)

Held at SA Woman HQ (She Nurtures), 141a Tapleys Hill Rd, Seaton.


Program Pricing

Full Program *Special Pricing*: $1,500 incl GST.
The full program is recommended for maximum impact. Payment Plan available, please email carly@sawoman.com.au.

Individual Workshop Session: $275 incl GST (subject to availability).

* Please note that this is a special collaboration price, that Anita has helped us create to be in reach for all women. A customised organisational program like this would cost close to $8,000+ externally.


Tell me more about each workshop…

Workshop 1: Leadership

  • What is the difference between Management and Leadership?
  • What characteristics make a great leader?
  • Discover your natural leadership style and why we can use different styles in different situations.
  • How to lead with Purpose, intent and kick your goals

Workshop 2: Communication

  • Discover how to be a more effective communicator.
  • Understand how to manage and resolve conflict effectively.
  • How to build relationships and trust with others.
  • Learn the importance of creating an environment of psychological safety to encourage diversity of ideas and different viewpoints.
  • Understand how to manage Up/ Down and sideways.

Workshop 3: Understanding Self/ EQ

  • Explore emotional intelligence as one of the most important leadership characteristics.
  • Understand your leadership blind spots and why you should embrace feedback as a gift to your development.
  • Understand yourself better, your strengths and areas of growth (what makes you unique).
  • Understand how to communicate and operate with others effectively.
  • Unpack any barriers to your success through exploring mindset.

Workshop 4: Leading People

  • Learn how to lead a team from ‘Forming’ stage through to ‘Performing’
  • Understand the key elements you need to build a high performing team.
  • Discover what drives people and how to motivate and engage others.
  • What is performance management and why it is fundamental for leading others.
  • Understand how to give and receive feedback effectively.

Workshop 5: Management Essentials

  • How to foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Leading and managing through times of crisis.
  • How to help ourselves and our people adapt and adopt change quicker.
  • Managing expectations of stakeholders (customers, suppliers, staff etc).
  • How to be an expert delegator and stop micromanaging.

Workshop 6: Leading SelfThe mastery of the art of leadership is the mastery of self.

  • Explore and clarify your purpose.
  • Set business/ career/ personal goals.
  • Explore our core human needs and how this plays a role in our fulfilment as individuals.
  • Explore the dimensions and life and why we are the CEO of our own life.
  • Understand how to incorporate wellbeing into our leadership journey.

More about our Facilitator.


At Teams on Purpose, we help individuals, teams and organisations thrive by supporting them to develop their capability for innovation, collaboration, leadership and growth.

Teams On Purpose was created with the belief that with all the right elements in place, workplaces can provide opportunities for people to make a difference, connect with others and experience profound growth. Healthy workplaces provide a rich environment to bring out the very best in human nature, creating happy, purposeful teams who take their organisations to great heights and experience deep fulfilment through their work.

Find out More: https://teamsonpurpose.com.au/

Anita Schneyder, Teams On Purpose

Anita is our head consultant and designs and delivers custom-made team and leadership programs for Teams On Purpose clients. She values clients’ input and collaborates to create team development and leadership opportunities which align with the organisations’ culture and needs.

Anita’s down to earth, authentic personality creates an atmosphere of fun and calm focus, supporting participants to feel safe and inspired to fully engage with the process.

When she’s not at the helm of Teams On Purpose, Anita’s passions include good food and wine, amazing conversation, adventure, laughter and dancing like no one’s watching. She is a director and treasurer for Bendigo Community Bank and program coordinator for Fleurieu Future Leaders Program—an annual community leadership and management initiative.