Complete Admin & Bookkeeping as the name suggests provides administrative/business support and bookkeeping/BAS agent services.

I established Complete Admin & Bookkeeping back in 2013 after being made redundant from a corporate role. When I started my business I had over 22 years of experience in a variety of industries such as construction and wine and I was looking for a flexible work environment as we were a FIFO family with 2 primary school aged children.

Since the business evolved, there have been many changes. Initially I started out on a small desk in the corner of our lounge room and now 8 years later I have a dedicated home office (I’ve actually taken over what was the whole lounge room!). My client base has also evolved and continues to evolve and I consider myself extremely lucky to work with amazing clients across such a broad range of industries including tradespeople, sole traders, civil construction, property developers, interior designers, practicing professionals and more.

If someone was to ask me what I love about being in business it would be that I get to work closely with amazing clients and provide solutions to their pain points. I love to save my clients time, money and unnecessary headaches! This means that they can get out of their books, BAS & admin and back to what they do best – running and growing their businesses!

If I was to give advice to someone who is starting out in business today or the near future, I would say believe in yourself!

Make no mistake, it is a hard road, but it is also rewarding on so many levels and if you believe in yourself and have the right network around you then you will succeed!

When I am not working in my home office, or visiting clients, you can quite often find me down at the beach (or anywhere there is water!). Being near the water is so soothing and I find it a great place to take a breath and to re-set.

Connect with Belinda:

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Instagram: @completeadmin

LinkedIn: Belinda Rigney

Website: www.completeadmin.com.au