Written by Toni Stevens, Toni’s Healing Room

I am Toni Stevens, Your Calm Coach. I am passionate about emotional education, as I believe it is key to understanding ourselves, and learning to love ourselves. It helps create the foundations of good mental health and well being. I have been working with clients over the last 10 years and have discovered that embracing emotions is an important step in the healing process and for emotional empowerment, which is a really fancy way of saying “to feel good about yourself”.

As young people, we are not taught how to manage or understand our emotions, so we are not taught how to trust ourselves. Therefore we are not taught how to make good decisions for ourselves.

What emotions do for us?

Emotions are communicating with us, they have messages and wisdom for us.

Fear – Fear helps protect us. It is a warning signal that tells us to be careful.

Anger – Anger alerts us that our boundaries have been crossed, we will fire up to stand up for ourselves or others.

Peace – Is a freedom from conflict or disturbance, a feeling of tranquillity.

Joy– Is a feeling of great pleasure, delight and happiness.

Shame – Shame is a self imposed negative emotion when you have crossed your own boundary or when you have let others cross your boundaries.

Surprise – Is an unexpected announcement or event happening to you, your body gets a jolt of surprise or momentary shock.

Guilt – Guilt is when someone implies that you have done something wrong to them or haven’t been there for them and you regret making them feel bad.

Sadness – Sadness is a feeling of loss, grief or disconnection from life.

Love – a feeling of deep affection, liking someone very much.

3 Tools I have for emotional empowerment, I call being ARTful

1. Awareness – being aware of your emotions by noticing the physical sensations in the body. What does it feel like? Look like? Sound like? Is there a taste or smell? What is the thought my mind is telling me?

2. Release – by acknowledging your emotions and thanking them for being there, it helps the emotion to soften and loosen its grip. It helps to release the emotion from the mind and body. Discharge and release the energetic charge from your body by moving it, shaking, stomping, dancing, flicking or breathing it out.

3. Transformation – by setting your intention and changing your focus to be more positive about what you want and need to help you shift your energetic state.

By embracing all of your emotions, you create emotional empowerment. Which simply means “to feel good about yourself.”

It’s OK to feel your feelings. You are not your feelings or thoughts. It is safe to feel your feelings, it is just energy. Emotions serve as our internal guidance system. They tell us what is right and wrong for ourselves in any situation. Of course, we may have unresolved emotions and experiences from our past that can trigger an explosive emotional reaction. Bringing conscious awareness to your patterns is the start of the healing process. It is my vision to see every soul living in flow and connection to themselves. To raise your consciousness, to raise global consciousness.

The work I do as a healer and coach helps with deep issues. I empower people to create calm, confidence and connection with themselves, reducing stress, anxiety and overwhelm. To set your inner spirit free. Evolve through personal exploration and empowerment.

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I help people to create calm, confidence, and connection to themselves, reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. I am your calm coach!

My journey into the mind body connection started in high school when I began meditating, I loved the beautful experience of bliss in my mind, body and spirit. Moving on, I studied visual arts at University, I soon discovered a lot of my art work was about the mind body connection. Following my passion, I looked into alternative healing and bodywork, and studied Reiki and Shiatsu (Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine). Connecting with my partner, I took a dive back into my photographic passion, starting Panache Photography with my now husband Kim Stevens.

After tying the knot and adding two children Coco and Bodhi to the family, I decided it was time to follow my passion as a wellness practitioner. My intuition and drive was to discover how our minds works, the powerful mind body connection and how to transform my life and lives of those suffering with poor mental health.

Website: www.tonishealingroom.com.au / www.connectioncentre.com.au
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Toni offers a 2 month Coaching program to help you see your blindspots, what it is you are avoiding or what is holding you back. Get in touch with Toni to find out more!

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