I’m Kate and I’m a freelance communicator who specialises in writing, audio production and strategic storytelling.

KTB refers to my nickname growing up, by the way. It feels nice to keep some youthful spirit close at hand.

I’m Mum to three splendid humans. They’re all boys on their birth certificates, but I doubt all aliens look the same, if you get my drift. I love the variety they bring to my life just as much as I love seeking out variety in my career.

I was a radio producer for over 20 years at the ABC and not a single day was the same. I met so many interesting people and covered some incredible stories. I stepped out on my own in 2022 keen for flexibility, to write more, and to learn new things.

KTB Communications is the perfect fusion of all my jobs and life experience rolled into one. My knack for extracting information is as keen as ever, which is very handy when writing articles, profiles, bios, website copy, branding statements or recording someone’s life story.

Music is a lifelong passion and I’m loving working with creatives to help them get heard – creating big meaty bios full of talking points, leading workshops on presentation, and guiding them on how to target the media.

When I’m not working or ‘Mumming’, I love to squeeze in hangs with friends and extended family, fitness, reading, going to gigs and making music myself.

// What do you love most about your role?
I really love getting to know people and their purpose in depth. Making radio was brilliant fun, but often so hectic that I felt like I scratched the surface of stories. Now, to ensure I share information properly, I get to know things really well. I’m learning so much all the time.

// What are you most proud of?
Two things, sorry. One, that I took the leap – I left a LOT of security. Two, that the leap paid off!

// What do you love most about working for yourself?
I love the mental space it’s given me to pursue creative endeavours, for work and for me. As my own boss, I create my own hours.

My favourite place to relax (and reset) is Morialta National Park.
It’s a stone’s throw away and I feel so grateful every time I go there. On offer: a work-out, a waterfall, wildlife aplenty, and a landscape I love.

// What is the best advice you have received that has stuck with you?
It’s okay to let your business evolve. You don’t have to pin everything down at once.

Get in touch with Kate:

Facebook: KTB Communications
Linkedin: Kate Holland (Bailey)
Website: www.ktbcommunications.com.au