Evolve Pro Australia provides career and learning project freelance services across Australia. On new years eve 2018, I was asked at a party if I had a resolution and I replied “um yes! I am going to register my business name tomorrow!” That was the first time I had said it out loud to anyone other than my hubbie and I am now in my third year on this journey.

The purpose of my business is to broaden, challenge and inspire people to bring their authentic selves to work. I partner with employers to plan for each stage of a person’s working lifecycle and support people as they navigate their unique career and learning journey. I put people first in every interaction, project plan and client engagement and love transforming people, teams and business.

I live and work from my home office in the Adelaide Hills with my hubbie of almost 18 years and our kids (7 1/2 and 4). I started the freelance business part of my journey in 2016 before briefly returning to being an employee. I love my business as everyday I see the impact on the future of work and learning which is being led by people. I can accelerate or decelerate depending on what I am juggling and it has enriched me as a human being.

Juggling is my biggest hurdle. I have adapted and pivoted like a prima ballerina without pointe shoes and still here and working with amazing clients who value my expertise. With my degree on track to complete this year and being a parent is the greatest and most challenging vocation. I will continue to align everything I do to my purpose and that every experience I have weaves a complex and intricate tapestry of evolving on my career and learning journey.

I have always been resilient but the events of the last year especially have me wanting a break from taking hits and just swing back and forth in a hammock. I love human connection, a legacy I share with my dad (who passed away suddenly late last year) and something that I know will continue to positively impact my future.

I love South Australia to live, learn and work! As a connected networker I am surrounded by diverse, interesting and future focussed businesses, entrepreneurs and human beings to partner with, impact and learn from. I love supporting local small business, providores and providers and there is an abundance in this beautiful part of the world. I love doing my bit to keep it that way and do what I can to enocurage others to do the same.

Quotes I live by are “I live my life by faith not by sight”, “I am on this earth to complete not compete” and “To inspire people don’t show them your super power, show them theirs”.

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