Hi, I’m Milly – a Marketing Manager, a side-business owner, a new mum and recent winner of the “Pro Side Hustle” at the Switch Start Scale awards. I started MILCO at the end of 2019 to help purpose driven business owners bring their vision to life with no-fuss websites and branding. My husband Remco then launched MILCO media when we both realised the need for business owners to look professional online via high-quality photo and video.

We both work from home in Seacombe Heights and the husband/wife business thing is actually working very well haha! I was born/raised in Adelaide and spent 5 years living in The Netherlands and San Francisco working for and running tech startups (more on that below).

// Why did you decide to go into business? It was actually my brother Hugo. He is a two times cancer survivor and the founder of 25 Stay Alive, a movement that encourages ALL people (especially young people), to be aware of their body and check those nasties before it gets too late. I helped bring his vision to life by launching his logo and website. The result made him feel so motivated to grow his movement that he encouraged me to turn it into a proper business. Without him, I think I’d still be doing websites and logos for free (which wasn’t a very good business haha!).

// What were you doing prior to your business and why did you get started? Prior to my business I founded a start-up called Boomcast in San Francisco. Boomcast was a social network driven to create positive change in people’s lives. I loved it but it was a crazy world in San Fran and caused me to have a massive burn-out! So I ended up training to become a yoga teacher in India and then moved back to Adelaide where I became the Marketing Manager for disability services SACARE. But I still had this yearning to help other businesses on the side using my expertise, hence starting my side-hustle MILCO!

// What has been your biggest inspiration? My clients and their dreams and commitment to their businesses inspires me the most. So when I can help them by creating something that they are proud of (like a website and brand)… that gives me the greatest joy!

// Do you have a fave place to spend summer/go to for coffee/ go to to relax/ go to for food? I recently discovered Summertown Studio in Somerton Park… it’s a co-working and coffee hub with the best selection of vintage furniture. It’s by the same crew that started Porch Sessions… ahh those guys are great and epitomise what it means to support local, collaborate and live your dream life.

// Share with us a quote or mantra you live by… I’ve always been a lover of “don’t hate, create”. If there is something out there that’s frustrating you (or something that you wished existed), why not fix it by creating a solution yourself? 🙂

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