Zyia was designed by two woman who wanted woman to feel comfortable and confident in activewear, which has now grown to include everyday wear, bathers, accessories, men’s and children’s wear too! The reason Zyia is not sold in stores, is because they wanted to empower women and men to run their own businesses. I mean what could be better than earning money and working it around you family. Like anything you get out what you put in!

I’m located online but always happy to come visit you in your own home so you can see up close what you are actually buying (or you can come to me).

My most favourite thing about network marketing, is the networking! I meet online and face to face people that no only become customers or team members but long term friends too.

The reason I joined Zyia was to one day work the business full time. I’m sick and tired of working for other people. Tired of being undervalued, not appreciated and sometimes even treated like a door mat. I want my own business so I can work hard for me!

My biggest hurdle so far is asking people whether they’d like to join me on this journey (become a rep). I always thought that I was bothering them, but as I’ve been listening to other reps speak, it really is about offering others an opportunity to either be their own boss, make some extra money, or work from home whilst raising their family.

What I love about living and working in SA is that it really is such a small state and everybody seems to know somebody you know so connections are easily built. I love the lifestyle here but also the mentality we have to help one another out! I’d never live anywhere else!

If I was to give other woman any advice, is to just do it! Don’t overthinking it or you talk yourself out if it, don’t wait for “the perfect moment” gosh knows that’s never going to happen and surround yourself with positive people that want to help you succeed.

My mantra is my own “just get sh*t done”!

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