‘Wo’, according to the dictionary, is an exclamation, a variant of ‘whoa’ – so perhaps Whoa-man is appropriate here. It’s time to hold your horses.

As we evolve into the 2000’s, and next year is 2022, the number 2 is actually a feminine number which will see many more women succeed in the world, as they bring a much-needed emotional realm into the mix, a balance from the previous 1000’s, where the masculine number 1 has more of a mental influence. All that head stuff is playing with our minds. We need more heart.

Both, of course, are hugely important. I am not by any stretch, a feminist man-hater nor would it be useful to project that energy. Man has been greatly needed in many ways; I just can’t think of any. No seriously, agricultural and industrial revolutions, many inventions and fighting our way through two world wars, to name a significant few.

Throughout much of that time, women have been down-trodden, burnt at the stake (may be that’s just my stuff), under-valued, persecuted, abused – many still are. In the 1940’s, during wartime, women were entrusted with men’s work, more out of desperation than conscious choice. In the 50’s and 60’s women measured success through a wedding ring, ensuring the home was spotless and dinner on the table. Great changes have and still are happening all around us.

Balance will naturally evolve all cycles. Feminist and equal rights movements have gathered pace and in more recent times, as the pendulum has swung towards the 2000’s, women thought that to be successful it would be prudent to behave like men – Margaret Thatcher and Hilary Clinton spring to mind. Women grew balls. I well remember actually being told that in the 90’s – “You’ve got balls, Alice” said my man-ager (he aged me, that’s for sure), as if that was a compliment.

Today there are successful women everywhere, just look at our own SAWomen, business owners and decision makers within their own right. But it really isn’t about being a man or a woman. As a Medium, the difference for me, is that I always see the ‘real you’, the pure essence of unique beauty, magnificence and potential. I see what makes women, women and what makes you, YOU. None of the prejudice, sexism or exploitation. What I see is energy. It is a great privilege.

Just as women over the centuries have encountered prejudice and stereotyping, I also must overcome the naysayers, the ‘lotto numbers brigade’ and ghostbusters. The last person to be executed legally for witchcraft in Britain was Janet Horne in June 1727, a mere 43 years before James Cook first landed at Botany Bay. My faith and belief in my gift overcome all. Which brings me to crucial questions for anyone reading this – Where do your faith and belief stand for your business and what is the energy you are projecting? What is the energy of your business?

I was recently asked to do an energetic evaluation of a business by a CEO in Victoria. I can do this remotely just from photos and floor plans. I went over all areas and suggested detailed and general changes. I sent his report to him with the warning that 3 people, as a result of the energy clearing I had performed, would leave. The next week he texted me to say that 3 people had resigned and he expected 2 more to follow. He was excited and relieved by this because he had wished to move some of his staff on – “prune the dead wood”, as he succinctly put it.

Your business will succeed or fail on the energy that is emanated and projected because people feel energy. Your business will succeed or fail dependant on how you make people feel. The following Maya Angelou quotation is one of my mantra’s that appears on my website:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, 

but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Many of us underestimate the relevance of energy in our lives and more importantly, that energy matters in our business. Energy is everywhere, even in that we define as solid. We all have our favourite stores or businesses, our favourite people. Why is this? It’s because we align with their energy, their ambiance, their chemistry. If you have ever been to, say, an Apple store to shop, you immediately notice a distinct difference, a point of difference. Yes, they have a new experience, do things in a unique way but notice the staff, they all project the same energy – helpful, informative, knowledgeable, friendly, calm, vibrant, intent on customer satisfaction. You cannot help but want to go back.

So I challenge you all to become aware of all business and how that business makes you feel and put the good feel factor into your own business and your own life. You cannot fail.


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Meet Alice Terry, International Psychic Medium


Alice Terry, International Psychic Medium

When people ask me what I do for a living, I take a deep breath and say,
“I’m a Psychic Medium – I inspire and motivate people to create change in their lives”.
​​Then I’m usually asked what it’s like to be me, to know what the future holds, to feel everyone’s pain and love – to see dead people. Well, it’s strange because what I feel the most is LOVE – the full weight, support and warmth of unconditional love. So I guess I feel pretty lucky and privileged.​

The other part of what I love about my gift is that it enables me to have, literally, a second insight into what is going on – not only within people but in their lives too. This means I can fulfill my highest ambition of helping people in the best possible way. My gift allows me as a human to step out of the way and with spirit’s guidance, help others for their highest and greatest good – with love, which is, when all said and done, the very essence of what we are and what we are all seeking. Coming together with love.