Buranymarda (hello)!

I’m a Badimaya (Badimia) woman from Western Australia. 

Badimaya (Badimia) Country is bordered by Western Desert (Tjuparn, Wanmala) to the east, Noongar to the south-west, and Wajarri to the north-west.

Warida Wholistic Wellness is a certified Indigenous Social Enterprise and a sanctuary for wellbeing and community change, based in the north-east Adelaide Hills on Kaurna Country.

Our purpose is to support the creation of strong empowered families, workplaces, services, and communities, and to break through intergenerational trauma, disconnection, and disempowerment.

We do this by delivering trauma -integrated and culturally informed counselling, equine assisted / animal assisted psychotherapy, transformational coaching, bush therapy, online training programs as tools of transformation and empowerment. As an approved sovereign business, we are authorised to deliver several of We Al-li Programs’ transformative workshops.

I am absolutely passionate and honoured about what we do because we walk alongside people in their healing journeys, when their experiences in the mental health systems may not necessarily have been positive.

We were recently successful at being recognised and licensed as a We Al-li Programs Sovereign Business.  What this means is that we can deliver We Al-li Programs’ transformative trauma integrated, culturally informed healing workshops under our own banner.

Visit https://www.warida.com.au/we-al-li-programs-workshops/ to see the workshops that we can deliver.

// What does this year’s NAIDOC theme of ‘Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!’ spark inside of you?

For me this year’s them of get up, stand up, show up is all about systems change so that the disadvantage that so many of our mob experience on a daily basis is firstly acknowledged and then is addressed.

I’m truly sick of talking for talking’s sake.

This is about ACTION.

It is also not just about us having a seat at the table, but the table being ours to decolonise and sit at according to our ways of knowing and being.

// What do you want to encourage our SAW community to do?

I truly encourage our SAW community to look at how you can incorporate systems change into your businesses / organisations / communities and homes. 

  • Do you know whose Country you are on?
  • Do you acknowledge and recognise the 100,000+ years connection, understanding and custodianship that has occurred before you or your ancestors arrived?

Reach out and develop reciprocal connections with First Nations people in your community, and importantly acknowledge and respect traditional custodian Elders of the barna (Country) that you live on.

Have you sought permission from the Elders of the Country that you live on to operate your businesses? How else can you facilitate reciprocal relationships?

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