Can you work with your passion & make that career change later in life? Why the hell not!! 

We are partners, mums, mums to furbabies, house cleaners, chefs, we wear so many hats so what’s wrong with finding your passion and rolling with it to make wearing so many hats less daunting day in and day out. 

When I spent many moons at University (for what at the time was my passion), I never once thought that in my mid 30’s I’d change my whole career path and find a new passion, but I did! 

Fresh out of school – after years of watching crime shows – I was certain I wanted to be a criminologist, so spent a good part of 8+ years studying Psychology & Criminology at Uni.

Fast forward to my mid 30’s, a 4 & 5 year old, a husband and some furballs in tow I was veered down a different path after my husband decided I had too much ‘time’ for coffee dates. Little did I know the polite nudges to go back and study and take over a company my husband created, would become my new passion (and an extra hat to wear!). 

A few years on I have less time for coffee dates but a whole new career path and a passion for helping other people’s businesses grow. It makes working fun and something I want strive to be better at than I was the day before. 

Tips for making the Switch

1:  Ask yourself why you want to make the switch 

Start by asking yourself why you have the itch to switch. There’s obviously something you are missing with your current career choice but what and why?

Burnt out, loss of passion, low satisfaction? There’s nothing wrong with re-learning, taking a selfish approach and zeroing in on your passion. 


2: Assess where your skills & interests overlap 

If you already know, then skip ahead – or otherwise get to work.

Begin by listing your interests (& don’t hold back) from party planning to playing tennis, and don’t forget to include what you like about your current job. 

Next, make a list of things you are good at. Be kind to yourself and don’t feel like you can’t ask your nearest & dearest to help pinpoint your talents. 


3: Research the market 

Once you’ve figured out where you want to be, take stock of the industry and determine a realistic way to gain entrance and break into your desired field. 

Here are some questions to consider and research before switching careers:

  • What kind of jobs in your chosen field are available in your area?
  • Would relocating be required, and is that something you’re willing to do?
  • What’s the average earnings for the area you want to break into, and can you make the change successfully?
  • What barriers are in the way to making the change & can & will you overcome them?

Don’t forget to network with people in the field you are choosing to move into, get invaluable input into the realities of the job day to day. 


4: Gain experience

Get out there & go for it. This can be the toughest step, but if it’s your passion you’ll work even harder.

Start by seeking opportunities, taking internships, courses, volunteering, just generally using your time to make yourself valuable to the industry. Because you’ve found where your passion & skills overlap, you are worthy of making the change. 


5: Go for it! 

Just believe in yourself – you can do it!




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Meet Alicia Whitbread from The Ads Mangaer


Alicia Whitbread,
The Ads Manager

Alicia has a bachelor of psychological science, a first class honours in psychiatry research and a phd in psychology & criminology. She is also a qualified lecturer and university grader.

After she finished all of this, she got bored and decided to learn Google Ads.

Alicia is certified in all areas and has extensive experience in managing campaigns. Her strengths include ad copy, making data driven decisions and keeping everything extremely organised. She cleans her keyboard and mouse every day, it’s mental.

Her hobbies include staying active, reading and shopping.