SA Woman salutes Mums in Business.

“We expect women to work like they don’t have children and raise children as if they don’t work.”

Hands up if you’re nodding your head right now? There’s no doubt you’ve seen this meme doing the rounds on Facebook and Instagram and in our society it’s so true.

Juggling the demands of motherhood, life and work is a tough gig. Not to mention the pressure, expectations and guilt we can create for ourselves.

So for this Mother’s Day, we wanted to lend support to the mumpreneurs who are doing it all – the best that they can. You are an inspiring bunch!

We asked the SA Woman community to share their top tip for surviving & thriving as a #mummaboss.

Here are 13 ways to successfully combine motherhood and business, and actually enjoy the ride!

Shona Gates

Money Mindset Coach, Sexy Selfish

“Use an egg timer and clock your time. Or use a visual timer so the kids can participate. This gives them the visual of 10 more minutes and let’s go outside and play etc. 

Block your time and make sure you “clock off” like you would if you were working for someone else.”

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Website: www.sexyselfish.com

Lydia Kalleske

Photographer, forABELphotgraphy

Coffee, fresh air and natural light. Get these three things when you’re feeling overwhelmed or buzzed out!

Facebook: forABELphotography

Sonia Harris

Educator, Child SA My tip to survive the crazy juggle of working, starting a business and having a family is a minimum of 15 mins yoga on my deck, before I do anything, without fail everyday. Facebook: Child SA Websitewww.childsa.com.au

Anna Johnston

Ocean View Dental

Lists with tasks and who is responsible for which task by which date. Baby brain is real even post baby and having a good team behind you (along side you) can make all the difference in juggling this tough time.”

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Website: www.oceanviewdental.com.au

Di Russell

Success Coach, Di Live

Invest 15 minutes first thing every morning to write out some gratitude, ask for guidance for your day, listen to that quiet voice of intuition always.

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Website: www.DiLive.com.au

Karyn Hindle

Educator, Head2Toe First Aid

“Don’t be afraid to invest and outsource those tasks/jobs that zap your energy and take you away from what you love. It will increase your productivity and leave you with more time and energy for your family, your business and what makes you happy. What that outsourcing might look like may vary from time to time, that’s the joy of running your own business… you get to choose.

FacebookHead2Toe First Aid


Jennifer Zeven

Freelance writer, blogger, creator of Blurb-ology Copywriting and #OpinionatedWoman

Be kind to yourself. No really – Be. Kind. To. Yourself. Connect with other mums in business; you’ll soon realise even the most ‘together’ biz mum struggle from time to time and just want to crawl into a wine glass! I believe balance is a lie, and the ‘mumpreneur’ pressure to monetize while you’re raising children can be quite a toxic trend. Our lives are a constant mixture of order and chaos: there’s power in embracing that.” 

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Website: www.blurb-ology.com

Kate Barnett

Real Estate Agent/Property Manager, We Connect Property

Make time to have a coffee with a friend and organise family/friend catchups on the weekend and switch off.”

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Emma Fabbro

Owner and Certified Practicing Accountant, Fusion Accountants

Have long term ‘Motherhood’ plans – your children will need you as much, if not more as teenagers than they do as toddlers! Don’t think you have a finite number of years – The role of motherhood changes a lot over these years but it does not go away- what you used to put into ‘physical’ mothering becomes much more ’emotional’ based mothering.”

Facebook: Fusion Accountants


Kathy Wooller

Lead Consultant/Founder, Evolve Pro

SA Woman Learning & Development Partner

Continue learning and growing and filter out information and advice that works for you and your family. Discover you purpose for learning and career so that your engagement and enjoyment shines through, bringing joy to your family.

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Kathryn Dean

Real Estate Agent / Principal, Dean Family Real Estate

Don’t feel pressure to be on top of everything all the time – business, housework, family, being a great mum/wife, school etc. It’s a juggling act.

Behind in housework – it’s not going anywhere, you’ll catch up later. Feeling mummy guilt – sometimes business needs to take priority, but remember you’re still teaching the children great work ethic and responsibilities.

Once the business is making enough you can outsource things to help such as housework or admin. In the meantime ask for help from friends or family when you’re under pressure. Be sure to make some time for yourself as well, so you can have the energy to keep juggling it all.”

FacebookDean Family Real Estate

Website: www.dfre.com.au

Jess McEachen

Copywriter, blogger and words lover, Jess McEachen Copywriting

SA Woman Copywriting Partner

I reached absolute burnout trying to work and ‘do everything’ with a baby and preschooler. Which brought business and motherhood to a standstill. Not a fun place to be and it’s been quite the journey back to regain my health.

What I learnt from it is what I need to be successful (and not overload myself). For me, I work from home so it’s actually simple things. Like staying on top of the dishes and the washing pile and keeping our house free of clutter (an oxymoron with 2 young girls!). I also make sure I set hours and plan my week out, so that work isn’t bleeding into every conceivable space in life.

Overall it’s about realistic expectations for work, rest and play because they’re all important. And knowing that it can’t all get done, all the time. And that’s ok.”

Facebook: Jess McEachen Copywriting

Melanie Hansen

Fitness + Yoga + Wellness, The Women’s Integrative Health Coach

“My top tip for surviving as a mum boss is that you must build and preserve better boundaries! Know your limits, be direct and firm, make self care a priority and tune into your feelings. There’s nothing worse than a diary full of appointments and commitments you don’t feel aligned to. Get comfortable with saying no to others and yes to you!”

Facebook: Melanie Hansen

Website: www.melaniehansen.com.au