Take Charge of Your Health and Shine in Your Business!

Congratulations on your decision to be your own boss. It can be the most thrilling and fulfilling venture of a lifetime, but what we see all too often with women business owners is burnout, fatigue, stress, and exhaustion.

In order to be that version of you that you envisioned in your mind when you were in the beginning stages of setting up your business, and it’s something that we keep putting aside and keep saying,

“When I get my first client”

“When I earn my first 5k”

“When my business is up and running”


“I will look after my health then…”


Have you ever said that to yourself?


To increase productivity, focus and concentration it is important that you make taking care of yourself in all the best possible ways a priority now.

Have a look at the following points and see which one you could start implementing today.


Focus on What You Can Achieve

At the end of each day do you focus on what you did well with healthy eating, taking regular rest breaks, fueling and hydrating yourself?

Or, do you beat yourself up relentlessly.

Obsessing over the donut you grabbed for afternoon snack when you were between meetings, or that drive through fast food lunch that was your only option at 3pm because you hadn’t eaten since breakfast?




Do you focus on the fact that you drank enough water today and you did have a healthy breakfast and a healthy dinner?

What we focus on is what we move toward and changing what you focus on with our health will create more of the same.

It was hard for me to focus on the fact that I had drunk my 2L of water that day I stuffed 7 Mars Bars into me.  I was retraining my brain to focus on what I was doing well, and it is one of the first things I did that helped me overcome 10 years of food addiction.


Freedom From Old Habits

What we are doing with food is a ritual and the marketing companies play on this big time. 

The way we are marketed at as consumers is quite naughty. 

As women, we give, give, give, and give some more.  Meaning, by the end of the day or come Friday afternoon, we are looking for that something special to fill us up and make us feel good.

When we rely on that outside thing (Chips, Chocolate or Chardonnay) to give us that state of feeling fulfilled and enough, we are in a spot of bother because we have not learnt how to regulate our emotional state and we are relying 100% on the sugar, carb or alcohol to do it for us.

So, plan of action to gently prize yourself away from this self-reward system is to gradually lengthen the time from when that snacky urge hits, to when we act on it.

My trigger time used to be after lunch time. I would be eating my last mouthful of lunch and my brain would be onto me:


I’m like…”Do you mind? I’m still chewing my lunch here, give me a break!!”

So, what I did – for 30 days, I said to myself, that I can have the chocolate, BUT, I’m just going to have an apple first”. 

This does a couple of things:

  • It’s a great distraction method
  • It lengthens the time between the urge and the action
  • You are taking charge by interrupting the pattern of thought, therefore gaining freedom from that old habit


We live in such a fast paced and sometimes uncertain environment. The stronger we are mentally, the better we can look after ourselves and by putting our needs first and filling our cup, we are then better situated to look after our clients and their needs.


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    Lisa Wells from Food, Fear & Freedom


    Lisa Wells,
    Food, Fear & Freedom

    As a health coach, Lisa is renowned for helping women heal their relationship with food, which ultimately heals their relationship with themselves. Using a combination of mindset techniques and positive psychology.

    Lisa is best known for her famous quote “Each day we can stuff our face or face our stuff”

    Living through her own personal experience of overcoming food addiction, where she was stuffing down emotions with food, Lisa learnt to reconnect to who she really is and not the hectic thoughts that were running her and compelling her to eat chocolate every day. Lisa built a foundation of inner strength that she now relies on instead of outsourcing the job of emotional rescue to food. Lisa now specialises in helping women to reclaim their health back from their busy schedules by working towards instilling body confidence and a love and respect of self.