Having grown up in a fast paced and competitive country, I was brought up with the mentality that I am only allowed to succeed.

My life motto then was “the only way in life is up”.

I moved to Australia alone just after I turned 21 and graduated from my Bachelor’s degree to pursue a post graduate studies that led to a second post- graduate study just so I could be “ahead of the game”.

It was all smooth sailing; and for a good six years or so it felt like all the long hours and no social life was leading me to the path I had always been dreaming of. I was moving up the corporate ladder as I planned. I was “winning”. I thought.

Then I was forced to stop

In 2019, due to sports injury, I had to undergo a shoulder surgery which forced me to stop for the first time in what seemed like a long time.

It was hurting me more emotionally than physically because it felt like I was wasting my time resting.

Having so much time on hand, I picked up my sketch book and tools and tapped back into the creative side of me and started designing and creating crystal jewellery. I found so much peace, joy and solace when I was with myself and doing what I love.

And a side hustle was born

I started a side hustle in creating crystal jewellery in January 2020. There was nothing to lose then since I had a corporate job to sustain my lifestyle financially.

Business took off during COVID-19, so much that I was getting only approximately 4 hours sleep each day to keep up between two jobs. I was burning the candles on both ends. I burnt out.

I started questioning my life purpose – what was I chasing and where did I want to go?

  • “Do I give up a financially sound career that I had set up my whole life; or do I follow my heart and pursue a passion which does not guarantee me financial stability”.
  • “Do I give up all my education and all these years of experiences to pursue something right from the start with no certainties that it will work”.
  • “Am I too old to start from the bottom in something completely different?”

These questions haunted me.

I was so afraid to follow my heart, so I continued with the grind between two full time jobs all while also dealing with the uncertainties of COVID-19.

I am not going to lie, that was one of the darkest moments of my life.


In September 2020, I lost my corporate job – the job I thought that was bringing me stability.

My life was put on hold. I cut myself off with the world and was paralysed for almost 2 weeks. That was also the time when I dug deep and asked myself what I truly wanted.

I remember reading Susan Jeffers’ book “Feel the fear and do it anyway” and finally decided that the time is now!

I had lost everything and there was nothing more to lose. I declined all job offers and went 100% full time working on “The Crystal Project”.

I tipped my full glass and started from ground zero

I am not going to deny that it was one of the most terrifying decisions I had made, and it took me a long time to come to terms that it is ok to work for myself.

In a funny way, the Universe had somehow made the decision for me and I had taken up the challenge AND the opportunity. I never looked back.

I never would have expected that The Crystal Project will flourish, and I never expect to still be working for myself 8 months after losing my corporate job.

Am I still afraid with every decision I make?

Do I have imposter syndrome?

Yes – but I embrace them life a BOSS LADY especially with the launch of “By Eileen”- an Australian designed spiritual jewellery brand.


By Eileen will not only continue allowing me to follow my passion but will also put me on a path to achieving my ultimate five year goal to setting up a small factory of women’s only team in Indonesia.

My aim is to provide them with the right working conditions to provide for themselves and their families; as well as to achieve proper education.

To all of you who are sitting on the fence to start your own business, here are my tips:

  • Dare to dream – Set goals big enough that they scare you.
  • Ask yourself what you truly want – is what you are doing taking you one step closer to where you want to be.
  • Never be afraid to tip out your full glass and start over again. It is never too late!
  • When life presents opportunities, seize them!
  • And most importantly – Embrace fear! Make it your best friend. Feel it and do it anyway!



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Meet Eileen Low from By Eileen


Eileen Low,
By Eileen

Coming from a Buddhist family, I was blessed to grow up in a house full of crystals. It’s no surprise then, that I’ve developed a strong belief in the healing properties of crystals and have used them to manifest along the way. You could say it’s been a core part of me since birth (alongside my deep belief in magic!)

By Eileen moves beyond crystals and unlocks the power of intention jewellery, inspired by bohemian style and infused with true meaning. From symbols to birthstones and crystals to high-quality metals, I design each piece to be beautiful yet meaningful.

Our purpose is to bring more kindness and positive energy to the world by creating meaningful jewellery with pure intentions. We want both you and the world to shine brighter thanks to the magic of our gorgeous pieces. Imbued with positive energy, live your best life and look amazing with our gorgeous jewellery.