Have you found that you get a new client only to get a new bill? Do you earn money and then spend it? Have you been stuck at the same income for too long? Are you struggling to see how you could increase your income without increasing your output?

Money is an energy that wants to come to the party. But, is your life a party that money would like to be invited to?

This is where those sayings “do what you love” and “money doesn’t buy happiness” come from. Money follows happiness and joy – not the other way around. Create first and money will want to join the party.

What Does More Money Feel Like?

How many times have you said NO to something before giving it a thought?

You can often say no to things because the energy of it seems unfamiliar to you. By getting familiar with the energy of what you desire, you are able to say YES to things that will take you in that direction.

Staying where you are is an energy that is familiar and a reason why you may be feeling stuck or unable to see choices or possibilities with where you want to be.

But, when every problem is turned into a question, the energy of creation starts to flow.

So in the case of money – if you want to earn more money in your business, you first need to get familiar with what the energy of earning more money feels like.

Here are 3 simple steps to start shifting old limiting beliefs around money, and opening up to what else you can create to help contribute to your money flow.

#1 Know The Feeling

First, take a moment to sit and get the energy of the money you are currently creating in your business and allow that to show up.

Now times it by two.

Get the energy of earning twice the amount of money you are earning and allow that to show up.

Now get the amount of money you are currently earning and times it by five and perceive the energy of that. And now, get the amount of money you are currently earning and times it by ten, and allow all the energy of that to show up.

Feel it in your body, your chest, your arms, your face, your legs, your groin, your feet.

Feel the energy of earning ten times what you are currently creating. Send the energy down into the earth and up into the sky and let it grow bigger.

Let the energy grow bigger than your room, bigger than your town, bigger than your state, country and planet.

Let the energy reach out as far as it can to the edges of the galaxy and the universe. Feel how big and expansive that energy is. Feel how light and joyful that energy is.

#2 Does This Feel Right?

Now whenever a business opportunity comes along, a proposal or a new stream of income, you ask yourself does it feel like that energy?

And if it does than you can say Yes.

Even if it is different to what you have done in the past, the energy is now familiar to you and you can follow it to actualise what it is you desire.

“If you want to earn more money in your business, you first need to get familiar with what the energy of earning more money feels like.”

Lucy Butler

Head to Heart Health

#3 Stay Anchored in the New Energy

Whenever you are feeling stuck or without choices you go back to this energy like it is an anchor.

You remind yourself of where you are heading and you ask the question:

  • “What else can I create to help contribute to my money flows?”, or
  • “What does my business require of me today?”

These questions will empower you to open up your energy to creating more possibility.

What Else Can You Create?

This exercise can be done with any area of life that you would like to create more in.

The universe manifests what you desire but you must actualise it. The universe produces the choice and possibility and you actualise it by choosing and following the energy.

What is this thing you call the universe? Is it a mysterious being somewhere out there, watching you from up above, listening to you at a sub-conscious level and manifesting your thoughts?

The universe is you and everything around you. It’s the energy within you and the energy surrounding you. Just like a blade of grass is part of this planet earth, each one of us is part of this universe. When you say the universe is listening, or ask and you shall receive, or I’m sending a message to the universe. It all starts with you, what you are saying, thinking, hearing and feeling.

Your unconscious mind has so much power and it runs programs and patterns that you are very often not aware of.

These patterns can be in relationships, your health and fitness, your parenting, your business, your happiness and your money.

This is just one tool we use in Access Consciousness to create more choice and possibility in our lives. Alongside processes like this you can run Bars ™ which allows all the thoughts, feelings and limitations to be released and recounted. You can run other processes like an energy pull or clearing processes.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creation and choice.

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Lucy Butler,
Head to Heart Health

Lucy Butler started her health journey because she knew she wanted more. Being tired, bloated, sad, moody & fearful wasn’t the way life was meant to be.

Lucy is the founder of Head to Heart Health, and is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Reiki Master, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Intuitive Healing Systems Therapist, Certified Hypnotist, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Access Facelift Practitioner & has a Diploma in Children’s Studies.

Lucy has learnt to move from fear into love & now has the tools to learn, grow & be her best. Lucy’s aim is to share these tools with many so they can enjoy the same peace & happiness she has created in her life.