Christmas. The time of year that brings a huge smile to the face of some, and creates a feeling of panic in others. It’s because of this mixed bag that we reached out to our SA Woman community to ask them what their top tip is for surviving and thriving across the Christmas break.

For small business owners, there’s the financial perspective of getting through any ‘shutdown’ period, making time to be present offline as well as online, having healthy boundaries and priorities, filling up your own cup to be fresh for 2020, staying responsible and legal throughout the festivities, and much more.

We hope you enjoy reading these heartfelt tips, and that you have a happy, safe & enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

Shilpa Agarwal

Shilpa Agarwal – Book and Marketing Coach

Here’s my tip exactly as I’m living it in my life business this silly season:

As the holiday season gets closer, operating out of unclarity, panic and hustle can be quite common, in a desperate attempt to salvage the remaining bit of the year. This even applies to the irrelevant gifts you might end up buying, just because of #DiscountedPrice.

So, affirm to yourself every single day, that “I will systemise every single thing that I do in my life and business” – whether it’s sales, content creation, house-cleaning or even something as emotional as buying gifts or something as simple as self-care. This will automatically ensure you take up only the tasks that really matter.

It will also help you see your values and priorities much more clearly to design your life for your most ideal future!

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Audrey Muliva

Net Health-ing

“To make sure you and your kids are healthily present offline and online too during the holiday season:

✨TOP TIP for the parents: role model the way!!!”

You can also check out Audrey’s blog for more great tips on how to fully enjoy Christmas with your OFFLINE inner circle while staying connected to our extended ONLINE circle too!

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Edriana King

Enlightened Birth and Beyond

“The silly season often means spending a lot more time with family and friends. While this is generally great, as a mum we can sometimes feel like we are victim to a continuous barrage of judgement.

If you are falling victim to others opinions, remember that most of the time the offender means no harm. They often suffer from the “that’s how I did it and my kids turned out ok” and/or, they have simply forgotten what really happened all that time ago.

My top tip is to remember that YOU make the best decisions for yourself and your family!

So respectfully respond to your offender, walk away if you need to, and if you need to vent, find your tribe (Facebook groups can be a great place to start if you are having trouble with this) and bask in their support.”

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Danielle Arkit

Social Media Supermum

My top tip for the silly season and Christmas is SET BOUNDARIES!

Firstly – set boundaries with gifts. Make sure you have set a budget for your gifting and pricing so that end of year and beginning of your credit card bills don’t come with a shock. Our family is a big fan of gifts that are experiences rather than things so that we’re not faced with excessive clutter come New Year.

Second set boundaries with family members. Strategise before family events. Come up with a plan of who is likely to hit what hot buttons and how you will respond. For example if you know that Aunty Mabel always comments on how you’re so skinny and eat salad, Then decide a response for this in advance so you’re prepared when it actually happens.

Have a 15 minute or half hour pow-wow with your partner or friend before going to family events where people are likely to hit hot buttons, and run through your strategy just before the event.

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Anna Doecke


My TOP TIP when it comes to thriving in the silly season is “Know your why”.

Know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Why are you spending x amount on gifts, why are you going to that event that you really don’t want to go to, why are you getting worked up about Christmas Day?

The silly season can be so stressful that we get swept up in the expectations of society, friends, family and our own thoughts. Check in with yourself and know what is most important to you during this season and then work towards protecting your why.

Is your ‘why’ to spend time with your family without being grumpy? Is it to breathe and be present with those around you instead of hustling to “keep up with the Joneses”? Whatever your why is, be bold this season and protect it.

Say ‘no’ to those events and requests that make you cringe or feel anxious. Every time you do something you don’t want to do, you will have less patience to be present with those you want to spend time with and to do those things that are important to you.

Know your why! Share your why with those closest to you and ask them to support you as you receive invites and requests during this season. This takes courage and authenticity! You can do it.

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Aly Garrett

All in Advisory

Tips for avoiding the cashflow crisis over the festive season.

Businesses in many industries are put under cash flow stress over Christmas and New Years as invoice payments slow down, many close their offices for a short break and wages and expenses still need to be paid.

Here are a few tips to avoid the cashflow crunch and keep cash flowing:

1. Invoice as soon as you can, don’t defer until just before Christmas or when you return from your break
2. Follow up payment based upon your payment terms. This could be as simple as setting up auto-reminders through your accounting software.
3. Make payment as easy as possible by providing multiple payment options and utilising online payment platforms
4. Don’t go on a spending spree over this time, keep expenses to essentials

Taking action now will help your business survive and relieve the stress so you can enjoy the season.

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Kate Hallett

Hallett Law

“1. Just because it’s outside work hours doesn’t mean it’s not work related;

2. Employers, while you don’t want to be the “fun police”, WHS issues arise if things get out of control;

3. Responsible service of alcohol issues arise. If you endorse irresponsible service, you may find yourself responsible for what flows from that.” 

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Emma Fabbro

Fusion Accountants

My Top Tip is – M I M O – Money in, Money Out.

Be mindful of how much you have and spend accordingly.

Don’t spend what you do not have.

This can be even harder for those of us in small business.” 

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Angela Pickett

Angela Pickett Copywriter

“I’m sharing a tip that was shared with me recently – and something I am actively doing.

If you’re planning on taking a break over the holidays, let your clients know now – and stick to your boundaries.

Share your holidays on social media and put it in your email footer.

And if you can, give yourself a weeks leeway when you come back from your holiday to spend some time working on your business and plans for 2020.”

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