This is an invitation for you to see your menstruation cycle from a different perspective. The journey of being disconnected from your womb space and experiencing your menstruation as that inconvenient ‘thing’ that happens once a month…to forming a deep and nurturing relationship with your cycles, is a process of change that can only happen over time.

Your body has an incredible intelligence and innate wisdom.

When you learn to tune in and listen to the messages your body is giving you, especially the whispers of your womb space, you are connecting with ancient women’s wisdom.

The framework of our society is to power on, work through, to keep pushing, even when you are feeling tired, run down and stressed out. But, when you connect with your cycles, you are reclaiming your divine feminine energy, which enables you to open your heart and live your life with more empathy and compassion for yourself.

Changing your internal landscape in this way, creates significant changes in the outside world around you. Allowing yourself to rest when your body invites you to, is a welcome opportunity for your nervous system to be in ‘rest and digest.’


The Effects of Stress on Your Menstruation Cycle

As a busy woman, running your own business, you can potentially have multiple sources of stress (or perceived stress). This can include:

  • Social isolation
  • Long work hours
  • Family dynamics
  • Juggling a busy home life
  • Physical and/or mental health issues
  • Financial worries
  • Plus, many more.

Creating your own road map as a woman in business can be both exciting and challenging. There are many perceived stresses that will be placed (or sometimes crash) onto your chosen path.

When chronic stress is experienced, especially over a long period of time, your body will shift into a fight, flight or freeze response.

The Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) will respond by sending signals to your adrenal glands. Adrenalin and cortisol hormones are then released. When your body is feeling stressed, it will affect a wide range of bodily systems and bodily functions. The influx of cortisol released into your body when your SNS is activated, negatively interacts with and suppresses your reproductive hormones (the normal levels), disturbing your menstruation cycle.

But, when you honour the seasons of your cycles, you give yourself permission to stop, slow down and rest when your body really needs you to. Your Inner Winter will become that sacred time that allow your Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) to be activated. A time for ‘rest and digest.’ 


The Inner Seasons of Your Cycles

In nature, there are the four seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn and the glorious transitions in between.

The seasons move in cycles of birth, flourish, decay, and death. For billions of years, nature has been moving in these cycles.

As a woman, you experience these cycles. You are a cyclical being with your own inner seasons that are congruent with the four unique phases of your menstruation cycle.


Inner Winter

This is the menstruation phase of your cycle. It is a time of rest.

During this phase, your body is calling you to turn inwards. This is a ‘Yin’ (inward) energy phase of your cycle.

Your body may begin to feel crampy and slight discomfort. This is your body is inviting you to rest and restore.

A beautiful act of self-love during this phase is to block out the calendar and allow yourself to retreat to your cave.


Inner Spring

This is the follicular phase of your cycle, pre-ovulation. It is a time of emerging.

When you finish your bleed, your body is calling you to re-emerge into the world again. To be creative, to play. This is a ‘Yang’ (outward) energy phase of your cycle.

This is the perfect time to create new projects. 


Inner Summer

This is the ovulation phase. It is a time of full expression.

At ovulation, you are at your peak. Your body is calling for you to be super sociable and you’ll be at your most productive. This is a ‘Yang’ energy phase of your cycle.

Schedule in those presentations, events and meetings for this time. Your energy levels are at their highest. 

Inner Autumn

This is the luteal phase of your cycle. It is a time of reflection.

As you are heading towards your bleed –  your Inner Winter – your body is calling you to begin the slow decent towards the cave. You will feel like slowing right down and thinking deeply. This is a ‘Yin’ energy phase of your cycle.

It is a time of evaluation and reflection.


As you move through the inner seasons of your cycle, your hormones change. Your energy levels change. Your emotions change. Your body will change. Your food cravings change. Therefore, your inner landscape changes from day to day, effecting your outside world.

Each inner season has its own beautiful and unique rise and fall, ebb and flow. Your energy will both expand and contract.

Understanding your body in this way, and working with the different energies of your cycles, will enable you to truly discover and harness your innate power.



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Emma Hart from Fem Wellness



Several years ago, Emma was diagnosed with the chronic medical conditions of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, and had two intrusive surgeries (laparoscopies) to excise the Endo. During this time, Emma used a wide range of modalities, also intuitively using mindset work + Ancient Women’s Wisdom, to heal from these conditions.  Emma now lives free of the symptoms of Endometriosis.

Emma uses a unique set of tools with her mentoring. She lovingly guides women to empower themselves and unlock the magic they hold within. Emma holds workshops and mentors women 1:1 online via zoom. She holds a Bachelor of Education, she is a Reiki Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, plus Time Line Therapy (TLT) Practitioner (soon to be Master NLP and TLT Practitioner).