It is so interesting to think about how employers have had to adjust to the challenges of COVID-19. 

We measure conference rooms in square meters instead of seating capacity, we are greeted by employees who squirt sanitiser on our hands, and people who didn’t know what a QR code was before the pandemic are checking in, holding their vaccination records in digital form, and shopping online. 

The global pandemic – and the actions of governments and health companies around the world – are not in our control.  However, what is in our control are our own businesses – and we can make sure that we take the simple steps necessary to ensure they are in safe hands.

As a work health and safety consultant, there are some simple questions that I ask on my first visit to a business.  I hope they will help you gain clarity as to whether your business is in safe hands.

1. Do you know if you are working safely?

Are you and your employees clear on how to work safely, avoid near misses, and raise safety issues? If you’re unsure, read on.

With every task, I ask myself, can we improve the process to lessen the risk?


2. Did you know that if you do not have evidence that you are minimizing work, health and safety risks, then you are working illegally? (this includes sole traders)

Fines can be up to $600,000 for a person conducting a business or prison time. That may seem rather shocking. However, this was put in place due as a response to people getting hurt and lives lost. In that context, it is understandable.

Without safe workplaces and safety information available, you may also find yourself experiencing a number of problems such as difficulty to retain staff, low productivity, absenteeism, injuries and illnesses, higher costs of injury and workers’ compensation, not knowing if you are meeting your legal obligations and responsibilities and brand-equity risks.

All workplaces differ, which is why safety is in your hands.  Some businesses require employees to sit behind a screen at a desk and some behind a wheel – each workplace has a different level of risk.


3. Do you know where to go for help?

Maybe you’ve never managed your business’ health, safety and wellness before.  Or, because it isn’t colourful, doesn’t sign another contract, or grow a specific business line – it may seem uninteresting, time consuming and difficult. Regardless of your experience or interest, it cannot be ignored.

The best place to get started is to take a look at SafeWorkSA which has simple steps to follow, free (who doesn’t love that word?!) resources and guidance.

If you find safety difficult to navigate, or need a helping hand, please do not hesitate to get it touch.  At Beaumont Solutions we pride ourselves on keeping it simple and keeping your business legally compliant.  We understand businesses want cost-effective problem-solving solutions. We’ll help you think about your business from a safety perspective, bringing a fresh approach that results in low-effort and sustainable practices.


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    Meet Anna Beaumont from Beaumont Solutions


    Anna Beaumont,
    Beaumont Solutions

    Anna is a senior health and safety professional and accredited auditor, with experience in various industries including retail, automotive, energy, insurance, government and not-for-profit organisations.  Her passion is guiding business owners through their WHS challenges by helping them understand their responsibilities, and then providing them with everything they need to ensure that their approach is effective.

    She believes strongly that complex programs do not stick around, and it is this philosophy that underpins Beaumont Solutions. By keeping recommendations simple and understandable, business owners are empowered to manage, monitor and resolve any issues with the minimum of effort, whilst continuously improving to avoid incidents and injuries.  Most of all, Anna prides herself on being someone people can trust to align with their values and attitudes to get the job done.