Jackie Kerin

Meet Jackie Kerin | Etheric Self Remedial Massage

We all know the benefits of a good remedial massage, but when life gets in the way it can feel impossible to book it. Jackie lays out her three top tips for setting aside the time for yourself and making it work!

Tip #1:
Book yourself a massage appointment today, even if it’s 8 weeks out. Stop waiting until you have time.

 Tip #2: 
Message your therapist if you want to book in, but can’t seem to make it happen. They’ll be more than happy to do the heavy lifting for you.

Tip #3:
At that appointment, book 2 or 3 appointments ahead, so you don’t have to keep worrying about when the next one should be.

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Specialising in pregnancy massage, headache reduction and lymphatic drainage massage, Jackie has been supporting women across SA with their health needs for over a decade. Jackie is passionate about massage as health care, knowing how massage can transform lives. Working women, stressed and exhausted women, during pregnancy and beyond; massage can be so much more than just another obligation.

Tania Davies

Meet Tania Davies | Mindful Impact

If you are experiencing ‘Rushing Women’s Syndrome’ here are 3 tips to help slow down and regain control of your life:

Tip #1:
Recognise that your busyness is distracting you from something important that needs to be addressed.

The busyness is a great way to avoiding being with your own thoughts and past traumas. As a mum, wife, daughter, business owner, coach and therapist I understand that there are MANY hats we wear and responsibilities can seem endless. Unfortunately, by allowing the seemingly urgent to distract from the important we start to neglect things that really matter… like your own health and sanity! I suggest seeking out the help of a coach or therapist to clear out the blocks from the past that are keeping you stuck. You will be amazed at how much more ease comes to your life and business once you stop using busyness as an excuse.

 Tip #2: 
There will always be one more thing that needs your attention so stop kidding yourself that you are superhuman and can do it all.

A great task I like to do to help with my ‘overload’ moments is to take a piece of paper and write down everything on my to do list. I then label each one as either energy in or energy out activities. How many of the energy out ones can I delegate? Is there is a balance between the number of in and out tasks? If not, get to work adding myself as a priority task.

Tip #3:
Understand that living this hectic lifestyle can lead to hormone disruption, chronic stress, insomnia, and auto-immune conditions etc.

To counter this lifestyle trend I highly recommend adopting a slower way of living. This means to select areas of your life that you can choose to strategically slow down and reclaim a calmer pace. This could be ideas such as mindful eating, slow cooking, putting your devices away and connecting with family and friends, longer foreplay in the bedroom, meditation, walking in nature etc

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Tania Davies is an entrepreneur, coach, therapist, and speaker with 20+ years’ success in a wide range of industries within the private and public sectors. Known as The Success SLOW Coach™, Tania brings evidence-based transformational slow leadership training and coaching to individuals looking to drop the stress and enjoy success in the slow lane. Tania is also the Owner and Founder of the Mindful Impact Wellness Hub located in the Adelaide Hills.

Sharna Pearce

Meet Sharna Pearce | Love Infused Living

Sharna brings us her tips on how to practice compassion during the ups and downs of business. Try the following ideas to bring compassion to your brave efforts:

Tip #1:
We ARE our businesses Self care practices are not a luxury when going into business.

We ARE the centre and energy of our business. If we are feeling disconnected, unsupported or totally exhausted this reflects in every element of what we do and how we manifest. Nurturing yourself = Nurturing your business.

Tip #2:
Acknowledge your humanness It’s totally OK to ride an emotional rollercoaster in business. In fact, it’s completely normal!

Acknowledge your humanness and take the time to centre yourself daily. Whether this is a walk in nature, meditation, some yoga or journalling – processing where we are at and meeting this with kindness goes a long way to maintain stability when the rubber hits the road.

Tip #3:
Harness the Power of the Feminine.

As women we naturally do business differently. And that’s a good thing! What the world needs now is more of the way we do things – compassion, authenticity, connection. The Way of the Feminine is experienced in the body. Before you start any creative pursuit – writing, speaking, designing, problem solving – put on your favourite tune and boogie (for the WHOLE song!)

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Sharna is a Kinesiologist and Trauma-informed Coach, and Founder of Love Infused Living.

Her particular flavour of human experience she meant she’s spent many years hand-in-hand with stress and overwhelm. Experiences that fuelled her lifelong search for ways to soothe these states. Needless to say, she has a well-developed toolkit! Sharna is passionate about helping women to move from stress and overwhelm to living the life they really want. Her ultimate mission is to inspire others to know and live their own potency so that, together, we can build a better world – one of wholeness and authenticity. Love Infused Living is her vehicle for doing just this.

Sharna is a proud Mum, a devoted yogini and a lovingly dedicated listener.

Natasha Mundie

Meet Natasha Mundie | Kiss My Crown Academy

Natasha shares her top tips with us for making our own well-being a priority in our lives! Read along to find out how you can take the steps to put yourself first:

Tip #1:
Make yourself a priority in your own life

We’ve all been on a plane when the pilot announces that in case of an emergency that we must fit our own air mask before we attend to anyone else, why? Because we can’t save anyone else if we don’t save ourselves first. This is a life lesson, if you are not filling your cup first and making yourself a priority, the reality is you are giving what is left to everyone else! By making yourself a priority and filling your cup first it enables you to be your best self, and when you pour from a full cup you are giving your best to everyone else.

Tip #2:
Drop the Superwoman mentality that you have to do it all yourself and find your village.

Spoiler alert!! We are not meant to do it all alone! It is time to stop burning ourselves out trying to do it all on our own, there is no medal for how burnt out you are, or how you put everyone’s needs above your own. The sooner we start to realise we were put on this world to thrive and share our gifts, the sooner we can start to ask for help from our village. We’ve all heard the saying it takes a village, learn to delegate or get help in doing the things that burn you out. By doing this you make time and space to do and be so much more.

Tip #3:
Start doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t in your day to day life

Living a life you truly love does not happen by accident, it happens when we realise that we are the creators of our lives and we have the ability to create a life that we love. We all know life is short and tomorrow is never guaranteed, so what have you done today to make sure you are doing something that you love?

Make time every day to include something that brings you joy, that lights you up, that makes your heart sing. If you can make time to do laundry, pick up the kids, vacuum the floor, you can make time to read a book, listen to a podcast, dance in your kitchen, take a bath, even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day.

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My name is Natasha and I wear many crowns! I am a Self Love & Womens’ Empowerment Coach at the Kiss My Crown Academy and the host of the Kiss My Crown Podcast. On top of being a Business Woman, Mother, Wife & former Professional Wrestler.

I am here for women who want to have it all and then some! I empower women to be the Queen of their world and unapologetically encourage them to create a life they love, as much as they love themselves.