We are all looking for ways to support our health and well-being as we balance our work and home lives. Throw in winter and a pandemic and it is more important than ever to put yourself first with some pro-active self care. 

We put the call out to our members who are experts in this area of health and well-being and these are some of their top tips for staying healthy and living life at the top of your game! 

Moonbeam Monday | Rebekah King

Evidence shows that people who take responsibility for everything that happens in their life rather than finding reasons why ‘things happen’, are the ones that tend to lead more fulfilling and successful lives.

And remember, there is no failure, only feedback.

Here are 3 tips for living at cause:

Tip #1: Be clear on your values.
What is most important to you in each area of your life? Are your actions aligned with these values or do you need to make some changes? Are they leading you to your ultimate life purpose?

Tip #2: Be aware of your language.
Are you always creating reasons or excuses for why you can’t do things? If so, it’s time to take responsibility and look at what you CAN do to achieve your goal/s, rather than any obstacles. Your internal and external language play a large role in this.

Tip #3: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
When you embrace the feeling of discomfort, you’re more likely to take action to remove the discomfort, which is exactly what you need to do to grow, move forward and live your purpose.

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Rebekah lived with crippling anxiety and depression for more than 20 years, only eliminating it when she discovered how to take control of her thoughts and master her mind with the help of a Life Coach. Rebekah now dedicates her time to supporting others on a similar journey, helping them to identify what is holding them back so they too can retrain their brain and live a truly inspirational life.

Fitlife Wellbeing | Angela Jarvis

As a Mum and woman who has struggled with body image and weight issues most of my life, punishing myself with intense workouts and ridiculous diets, the day I re-framed “I have to find time to exercise” to “I have 5 mins to move my body” transformed my life.

Here are my top 3 tips to move, play and laugh in 5 mins or less. These 3 tips are great for relieving stress, moving your body the way it’s designed to move, bringing some fun, play and laughter into your day and totally forgetting that you are exercising! 

Tip #1: Have a packet of balloons on hand – they are simple & effective.
First blow up the balloon, tie it up and PLAY a game such as Hand, Knee, Head, Knee, Hand – or just tap it around for 3 mins. We’ve covered deep breathing, movement, laughter and play – in less than 5 mins and it can be done anywhere!!! By yourself or with a friend.

Tip #2: Silly Steps instead of walking.
Think Grapevine, Bus Stop, the Nutbush, even the Macarena will work or you could try some of my more complex moves like the Dinosaur, Crossover Steps, Long Arm Long Leg Reach and Wide Steps. Make it fun and non repetitive whilst you’re moving around the office or house, music always helps. You could even bravely walk to the shops this way.

Tip #3: Have a wall or a friend? Try the High 5 game!
Stand facing a wall or partner and give each other a High 5 in as many different directions as you can think of and that is comfortable for your body. When you tap the wall, push in a little and feel your entire body light up. If you’re playing with a partner, one person leads, then swap. Push into each other’s hands to work a little harder and laugh a little more.

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I’m so passionate about helping women release pain & restriction in their bodies using movement through fascia (connective tissue) and bundling multiple wellbeing practices into short, doable bursts, so you don’t need to find more time to look after yourself and you can be on top of your game all day!

Living the Healthy Way with Lisa Wells | Lisa Wells

How to change a long-standing unhealthy habit into a nourishing and nurturing healthy habit.

Tip #1: Create awareness around your current health mindset.
This is important because if you don’t know where you are or what it is currently, it makes it harder to know how to start moving towards the mindset you do want.

Your mindset could be:

  • All or nothing actions
  • Black and white thinking
  • Trying all the new things but not sticking to things long enough
  • You do well for a little while and then one slip up can see you taking months to get back on track.

Once you know what is happening and have awareness around this it is easy to research options that can counter act those mindsets.

Tip #2: Once you have researched some options…you get to choose.
What are you going to do instead? – This is the KEY to changing the habits that are causing you so much frustration and how you get to start taking charge back of pesky cravings.

Tip #3: How to make a new habit that is nurturing and nourishing.
What we are doing with food is a ritual. When we buy the shiny choc bar as we fill up the car with petrol, when we buy that packet of biscuits to eat after dinner – it’s all a ritual.

One way to implement a new nurturing ritual is to make it special for you – For me, it was a delicious, crunchy red apple, cut into 8 delicate slices and served on my grandmothers antique China side plate. This made it special for me and it lengthened the time from when I had an urge to eat chocolate to when I acted on the urge.

BONUS TIP: Repetition is the key to success with building this new habit. Not letting perceived failures take you back. Keep moving forward. The breakthrough will come when you do this daily, and doing this when you least feel like doing it is when the breakthrough will come for you.

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As a health coach Lisa is renowned for helping women heal their relationship with food, which ultimately heals their relationship with themselves. Using a combination of mindset techniques and positive psychology. Lisa is best known for her famous quote “Each day we can stuff our face or face our stuff”.