‘Yarnarama is all about Yarn! Knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, yarn and fibre and of course all the tools you need. Yarnarama first came about on 29 July 2014. Wow that long already. The business was started as a friend made a comment about there not being a lot of choice in Adelaide for a good knitting shop with the tools that were starting to become so popular – Interchangeable Needles. I had recently left my permanent job as a Project Administrator for health reasons and we thought this was a great way for me to work from home. I had been looking for something to do that would allow me the flexibility I needed as I would never know when I was going to wake up with a migraine. Being employed by someone else didnt feel like it was really an option, as I felt like I was very unreliable and most employers want you to show up every day.

// What do you love most about being in business?
I love being able to help people with their crafts. From introducing them to new products, helping them find a suitable yarn, finding a pattern or actually teaching them how to knit. Knitting is such a good skill and not just for your nanna and is so helpful for people who need a mindful activity. I love seeing what my customers create with their purchases, they inspire me every day.

// Share with us how life has changed since being in business?
I have the freedom to work the hours that suit me. I’m a night owl and have an issue with insomnia, so I am frequently sending emails late at night. A lot of my suppliers are overseas so this is a bonus for communicating with them. It has also allowed me to take a holiday last year to New Zealand for my husbands 60th birthday, we got back just as COVID became a thing. It has also given me a whole new set of friends who’s crafting skills are something to be envied.

// Who has supported you the most on your business journey?
The best support I have had has been from my knitting friends also known as the KBT (Knitting Brains Trust). They have supported me by testing products, offering advice, finding new products and of course they have assisted me so many times when I have had a market to attend. Its hard to do it all by myself and my friends are invaluable. 

// Lets talk South Australia, what do you love most about doing business here?
I just love SA. I have been to every state in Australia and several overseas cities/countries. Adelaide is a beautiful city and although no place is perfect and there are always things that could be improved, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I have been able to work from home doing what I love even during the last 16 months of COVID and earn a living. I can sit in my lounge room and have the ability to send my products around Australia and even some overseas destinations.

// What is the best advice you have received that has stuck with you?
Don’t try to do everything yourself. You cant be a master of everything that is required to run a business. Outsourcing when you can afford to is a great thing to do. I have recently been able to outsource my advertising/socials and also now have an accountant. This has enabled me to spend more time doing what I’m good at – knitting and selling my products.

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