As ‘The Barossa’s Storyteller, family, newborn, lifestyle and business photography is my passion – real people, real photos, real stories


I’m a “Lover of Landscapes, I daydream about all the places to put on my list, to see through my lens.”

I was a girl with a dream…determined never to be a slave to the wheel again. So, I began forAbelPhotography in October 2010.

Now as a mother of three, I know how extraordinary life is with children.

Dedicated to ensuring every client’s story is captured and celebrated, I am motivated by love and memories.

I understand just how important photographs can be. There are only a few very treasured photos of the brother I never got to meet, and it is for him that my business is named and dedicated.

My passion for creative portraiture, stunning landscapes and skill in creative story-telling are paramount, I specialise in unique photographs showcasing the true essence of my subjects.

I love to bring people and families together, highlighting the beauty of connection in photography sessions for engagements, pregnancies, and cross-generational families.

My eye for beauty helps me capture the most exquisite memories of a wedding or special event, ensuring artistic and personalised photographs as befits such a special day.

Follow my Instagram and Facebook feeds and quickly you will see all the wonders of nature, I see with my landscape images capturing the heart of the land, sea, and sky.

For the past 10 years, the power of photographs to remember and celebrate loved ones and aspects of our lives is what drives me to capture the most perfect and natural photographs for my clients and the wonders of life.

// Why did you decide to go into business?

I started photography in 2010 determined to never be a slave to the wheel again.

I had been from job to job, from vocal instructor, vintage casual, sportswear sales, cellar-door, cleaner, to finally an admin assistant, I hated the daily grind.

I needed a way to express myself creatively and was told by many I had “the eye”.

When I left my job I knew I would never be employed by someone else again! 

// What has been your biggest inspiration?

My brother Abel has been my biggest inspiration, it’s kind of strange knowing I have a brother who walked this earth that I have not met, my business is named after him, his memory is always the place I come back to when I need reminding of why I started it is the very heart of my business, the lack of photo’s we have of him, makes me damn sure, no matter what, I want to tell everyone else’s story because in the end we never know our future.

But…through photography, I can document real people, real stories.

“Even so, if it was, that we could not read…we would feel the power of an image.“

// What are you most proud of?

Celebrating 10 years of business. Staying true through all that time and not being wavered by fashions and trends, but remaining timelessly consistent always!

// Do you have a fave place to spend summer/go-to for coffee/ go to relax/ go-to for food?

We yearn every year in winter to be by the sea at Marion Bay, it’s a little further to go but it is somewhere we have always felt refreshed from when leaving every time, we love the community and it’s definitely got a hold on our heart, we’ve holidayed there nearly every year for 15 years, it’s our dream to one day own a piece of it.

// What is the best advice you have received that has stuck with you?

Start small and Stay in your lane, the wheat will be sorted from the chaff.

// Share with us a quote or mantra you live by…

“Success isn’t fighting for your place at the top of the pile, crushing people on your way up. It’s making it to the top of the pile and reaching back to lift others, with you!”

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