Meet SA Woman Member, Meredith Woolsey.

Business/Organisation: Move to Live – Exercise Physiology
Job Role: Owner / Senior Exercise Physiologist

Tell us a bit about you:

Hello! My name is Meredith … lovely to meet you!

I started my small but mighty clinic eight years ago because, as my Mum says, I need to be captain of my own ship.

I came the long way around to Exercise Physiology, but I have definitely found my place in the world and how I want to make a difference.

I am super passionate about equitable healthcare, particularly for marginalised folks such as the LGBTIQA+ community, neurodivergent people, BIPOC, and those living in larger bodies. When I am not in the clinic helping my clients you can find me on a soapbox somewhere, advocating to students, other health professionals, businesses, or anyone who will listen.

Outside of work I have a human (Luke) and a doggo (MacDuff). I love gardening, boardgames with friends, Disney movies, and swing dancing.

Tell us a bit about your business or organisation/role: Move to Live – Exercise Physiology is dedicated to helping people of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities help themselves through movement and exercise. Whether it be complications of chronic disease, reduced mobility, injury, loss of independence, chronic pain or simply not being sure where to start, clients are provided with a tailored and realistic program to help them achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. Our clinic is LGBTIQA+ and neurodivergent affirming, and is a weight-neutral clinic, working in the Health At Every Size (HAES) paradigm.

We have a small team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP) who are passionate about helping people discover the joys of movement. We believe whole-heartedly in the benefits of exercise and physical activity, and are excited to be able to help our clients achieve their goals. We also have an adorable Therapy Dog, MacDuff, who visits the clinic on Thursdays.

Move to Live offers many options for client movement: individual appointments, group classes, hydrotherapy (1:1 or shared sessions), and home visits, so please feel free to contact us for any further information or an appointment. Happy Exercising!

What region of South Australia are you in?:
Adelaide South

How can you best contact you:

Phone Number: 0419 945 436

Work Address: 1-2/58 Cliff Ave, Port Noarlunga South, 5167

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meredith-woolsey-04936765/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/movetoliveexphys

Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/meredithwoolsey/

Let’s get to know you a little more:

What has been a lesson you learnt in your career or business that has stayed with you?
Being yourself and sticking to your values and what you believe in is vital when running a small business. It takes up so much of your time and energy … so if it doesn’t align with who you are that is an awful lot of your life to spend feeling icky.

What is your favourite place in South Australia to visit?
Eggless Dessert Bar … or the beach with my doggo.

Why is being part of SA Woman important to you?
I find business can be a bit lonely sometimes … so it is lovely to see so many other amazing humans out there kicking butt and having them as a resource when we have those curly questions to ask.

What is a quote or mantra you live by?
The current one is “The plan doesn’t have to be the plan” … as there have been a lot of (ultimately good) changes at Move to Live recently that have NOT been part of the plan.

“Never half-arse two things, whole-arse one thing” by Ron Swanson is also a favourite. But sometimes my inner Leslie Knope creeps in and I whole-arse about 20 things.