De Greer-Yindimincarlie is the owner of Yindi Artz, Authentic Aboriginal creations, and is dually recognised both Nationally and Internationally for her works and products.

De creates exciting and innovative works across a variety of mediums including graphic design, painting, textile, film, music and more. She is an award winning Aboriginal artist, winning the First Nations Woman in Business category in the 2022 SA Woman Business Awards. In 2013, she won the Professional Deadly Dressed Award at the 2013 National Deadly Awards, for the Yindi dress, which bore her textile design. In that year as well as 2011, De was nominated for the Deadly Awards ‘Visual Artist of the Year’ category. In 2008, she won the South East Queensland NAIDOC award for ‘Distinguished Services in the Visual Arts Industry’.

We asked De to share some thoughts with us on what the NAIDOC Week theme “For Our Elders” means to her.

// What does this year’s NAIDOC theme ‘For Our Elders’ mean to you?
This years NAIDOC theme means honoring the people that have guided us, comforted us, advocated for us, fought for us, and shared their experiences with us.

// Tell us about an Elder in your life who is important to you and has shaped your future.
My Nanna was an elder in my life who has helped shape me into the person I am today. She believed that hard work was the key, regardless of what obstacles were in your way. She had a mobility disability, but that didn’t stop her from working and raising 7 children by herself.

// “We draw strength from their knowledge and experience” – what does this statement mean to you?
Knowledge and experience are 2 things that go hand in hand, without experience you don’t acquire knowledge, and without knowledge, you can’t get the experience. Our elders have shaped us, and teach us how to ‘do life’ and we draw strength from that. Especially when it comes to cultural knowledge, our elders are imperative to that learning and journey, because a lot of it has been lost.

Get in touch with De Greer-Yindimincarlie

Website: www.yindiartz.com.au
Facebook: Yindi Artz
Instagram: @yindiartz
LinkedIn: De Greer-Yindimincarlie

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