Karina McDonald  – Connect Comms

Karina McDonald – Connect Comms

Hey there, I’m Karina, the creator behind Connect Comms!

I began this journey when I found my knack for helping business owners discover their voice and vibe with their dream audience. Connection is my highest value – I get so inspired when a message hits the heart with the right person.

Proud mum of two, it on my son and a little thing called divorce that kick started my business. When life threw me a curveball with my son’s quadriplegic cerebral palsy diagnosis and a 22 year marriage plot twist, I realised that time is too rich to be spent poorly. I ended my 14-year stint in corporate telecommunications, loaded up on learning through courses, and decided to do what lit a fire in my belly while creating a bright future for my kids.

Beforehand I was a team leader, ops manager, case manager, and training deliverer at Optus. Loved it, learned tons, but I craved a life where I could dance to my own tune, be flexible to my son’s needs, and find creativity in my work.

I’m also a fierce advocate for disability and have spoken on TV, radio, in newspapers and on podcasts in an effort to create change for the disability community and their carers.

Kendie Gador  – My OT and Me

Kendie Gador – My OT and Me

Hi, my name is Kendie and I am the Director and Occupational Therapist at My OT and Me. Throughout my 10 year career, my Occupational Therapy journey has taken me far and wide, from Gawler to the United Kingdom, working across public and private organisations. My position within these roles never ‘felt right,’ for me, so in 2023, I set off on my journey to establish an OT service that truly values people and that truly cares., and so, My OT and Me was born.

I wanted to create a service that focused on supporting the vulnerable in our community. To do this, I strive to support people with empathy, compassion and with the aim to be that OT that ‘gets it.’ In order to do this, I continue to seek opportunities to grow as a therapist and also learn from my patient cohort.

Beyond my professional career, I am a proud cat mum to Winston. I enjoy baking/cooking and creating an urban veggie patch to fulfil my ”sustainability cup’.

Rosie Bartlett  – Mindseye Training and Consulting

Rosie Bartlett – Mindseye Training and Consulting

Rosie Bartlett founded Mindseye Training and Consulting in 2015 with a mission to help workplaces support the mental wellbeing of their people.

Principal Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor with over 16 years’ experience training in Mental Health First Aid, suicide prevention, resilience training, and other mental health and drug and alcohol programs. Caring about outcomes and ensuring change within an organisation is sustainable – not just another ‘tick the box’ exercise. She believes if an organisation wants to build a healthy culture and be an employer of choice, they must invest in the mental fitness of their people. Equally important is to provide programs upskilling individuals, teams and managers to confidently handle mental health challenges as they arise.

With a background in health science, training and assessment, Rosie has a demonstrated history of working across Accounting and Professional Services, Acting and Modelling, Active Communities and Mental Health, Building and Construction, Community Services, Defence, Disability, Drug and Alcohol Services, Education (Early Childhood, Schools and Higher Education), Employment Services, Hospitality, Insurance, Local and State Government, Manufacturing, Medical, Mining and Resources, Non-Government Organisations and Peak Bodies, Retail, Small Business, Tertiary institutions, Tech Companies, Unions and Wine.

Dianna Dawson  – Life Without Barriers

Dianna Dawson – Life Without Barriers

As a systems thinker, creator and executive leader of strategy, change, commercial performance, culture, CX and client outcomes across for purpose organisations, Dianna has delivered significant impact across a range of human services sector in the last 20+ years.

Currently, Dianna is the Director of Business Performance, Disability and Mental Health at Life Without Barriers. In this role, Dianna leads the development and delivery of strategic objectives including establishing a Business Performance Hub delivering an end-to-end CX, structural reviews and restructures, business process improvement, financial performance improvements, service quality and commercial outcomes in an ever-changing business and service delivery environment.

Dianna leads her team to maintain sustainable business operations across the service stream, including business strategy, revenue generation, expense management and cash flow. This work ensures that Life Without Barriers is in a strong position to continue providing essential support services into the future.

Dianna is passionate about combining the heart of not-for-profit with the mind of a commercial business to deliver for purpose, leaving the world a better place.

Catherine Humphreys-Scott

Catherine Humphreys-Scott

I am a commercially-focused communications professional, bringing nearly 20 years of experience across numerous industries including telco, automotive, defence, energy, FMCG, health and finance.

I enjoy working with clients to understand their challenges, and develop meaningful solutions. I’m particularly excited by corporate communications, brand and reputation. I’m skilled and experienced at issues management and public affairs.

Amongst the brands I’ve loved working with are Beaumont Solutions (Health and Safety), Disaster Relief Australia, YMCA Victoria, Lockheed Martin, Vodafone, and Mitsubishi Motors.

A mother of two teen girls, having my own business allows me to spend more time with them and for us to make memories – whilst fully leaning in to the pointy end of their schooling and wellbeing.

Emma Holdsworth  – The Mental Health Doula

Emma Holdsworth – The Mental Health Doula

I’m Emma.
– Single Mum to 2 amazing daughters.
– Passionate about changing the shape of Motherhood for as many mums as I can.
– I love the beach, my couch and adventures.
– I have worked with families for over 20 years.
– I’m learning to play Roller Derby.
– I am a sandplay therapist – postpartum doula – circle facilitator – counsellor – space holder.
– In 2024 I am prioritising space, play and rest!

Rebecca Kelly  – The Vitality Project

Rebecca Kelly – The Vitality Project

I am know by most as Beck… I am a wife, a boy mum and a fur mum.

I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and I honestly couldn’t think of anything else I would rather be doing. I love helping people and the fitness industry has been the tool I have used in order to help people change their lives. During lockdown, I was working at the park and in my garage and it was an opportunity for people to be in a more relaxed environment (they could even bring their kids with them). It was then that I realised that I needed to do this for myself and for the people in my community. I opened the doors to the current studio in November 2020. I love having my own space because I can be flexible with my clients and help tailor everything to their specific needs. It gives me a connection to our community it also gives me flexibility as a mum and a wife to be able to have some balance.

I help my husband run his award-winning commercial fitout business called Total Fitouts which has grown from one office in Adelaide to now also having an office in Melbourne and is taking up more of my time these days.

I do enjoy traveling and exploring new places, reading, watching movies or occasionally binge watching something on Netflix but generally working with my clients or on my business is what I spend most of my time doing.

Nicola Benson   – Beautifully Authentic

Nicola Benson – Beautifully Authentic

I am an Environmental Scientist, Beauty Therapist and Mother, that decided to turn all her passions into a business by accident.

I am from Cornwall in the UK and moved to Australia in 2013 to live here in Adelaide with my husband. Since then, we’ve had 2 children, a dog and a cat, and absolutely love our life here.

I love reading, surfing, roller skating, bike riding, going on adventures, camping, exploring, and meeting new interesting people.

When I left school in 1998 I became a beauty therapist, and that’s when I first learnt about formulating skincare. Since then I’ve been making variously concoctions over the years, especially when I went to uni in my mid 20’s to study Environmental Scientist and discovered more about sustainability and the environmental impacts of the choices we make.

I found that it was only since I became a mother with a child with reactive eczema that I really created my award winning formulas, that have changed ours and many people’s lives.

Megan (Meg) McFarlane  – Kin Lawyers

Megan (Meg) McFarlane – Kin Lawyers

Meg is one half of the lady lawyer duo at Kin Lawyers with a focus on people and their relationships.

Meg likes: getting to the point of things, visiting her second home of Morocco, marvelling at the insatiable energy of her child, being in a room with cleverer/funnier/kinder people (but reminding herself she’s ok too!), and being home by 8:30pm to watch ABC crime drama (even though everything is on demand now). She will always be down for a 6pm dinner reservation (or better yet, 5pm opening!)

Meg dislikes: writing bios, not being able to read a really good book again “for the first time” after she’s finished it, her email inbox, and anything other than the British method for queuing.

Anna Beaumont  – Beaumont Solutions

Anna Beaumont – Beaumont Solutions

A senior health and safety professional and auditor. Anna has experience in various industries including mining, construction, state and local government, not-for-profit organisations, insurance, energy and worldwide automotive. Her passion is guiding businesses through their challenges by helping them understand their responsibilities and providing them with everything they need to ensure their approach is effective.