Our Story

SA Woman is for every woman in business in South Australia. Women who are bringing dreams to life. Innovating. Creating change in our economy and our community. Building businesses and creating jobs. Inspiring others. And creating a whole new wave of women doing brilliant things!

About it’s Origins…

It was 2013 when the isolation of working at home in our family business had me seeking other women to connect with and learn from. This soon after led to a supportive paid membership community for women in business and then later Sass Place, a coworking space centred around women. Having received no support from government for creating Sass Place, it was instead local council who helped with my search for a space (but again no financial support) and local businesses who sponsored Sass Place that helped me get it off the ground (forever grateful!). It was seeing that which ignited the first spark that not enough was being done for women in business.

My passion for supporting women in SA continued to grow. I could see all these phenomenal women working hard, building businesses, living their dream and impacting on the lives of our local community and beyond. But unless they were vocal or extroverted, many were rarely recognised for their achievements. I started to wonder how I could help to lift them up, bring them together, get them noticed… how could I help women even if they weren’t part of my Sass Community?

I knew I had a bigger mission. But exactly how could I do it? What did it look like?

A little online magazine called SA Woman was born late last year as a way to do some of that. And then…

I was sitting in an inspirational workshop surrounded by other local women in business, and I couldn’t help but be inspired. I also couldn’t help but think I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!!

And as quick as that what started as a magazine became so much more!

My vision is to create a place that women can go to for all things SA business. If they need advice. If they need support. If they need inspiration. If they need connection. If they need a service or a product. And be part of a community with strong business ethics and values. Anything and everything to do with South Australian Women-Led businesses will be here.

While Sass Place is now retired (November 2017), the legacy of support for women in business will live on in SA Woman and the team that is building around me. This is one mission I cannot do alone! I hope you will help me help women in business here in South Australia.


Carly Thompson-Barry

Our Values