Our Annual Partners for 2023 have been an incredible support to SA Woman and we are so grateful for their involvement and passion for the women of South Australia. There is more to each of these wonderful women than their businesses however, so let’s get to know some of our Annual Partners and what makes them tick!

Meet Leah Baylis | Champagne Recruitment

// Tell us about your business and your role within it?
At Champagne Recruitment, we specialise in the recruitment of office support and executive roles across a range of industries.

I am the Managing Director and started Champagne Recruitment to create a truly human-centric approach to talent recruitment. With over thirteen years of experience in recruitment in Melbourne and Adelaide, I wanted to create a recruitment company focused on relationship building and finding the right fit through genuine, personalised service. I love recruitment. Working with people to develop their careers always inspires me, and I love learning about employers and their company culture. By understanding both sides of the equation, I can help find the perfect employer and candidate match. It’s what I thrive on.

// Tell us about the career journey you’ve taken up to this point?
I started my career as a teacher. I was responsible for teaching all the career based subjects at a Trades and Apprenticeship College here in Adelaide. I absolutely loved supporting my students become job ready and support them into employment.

When the opportunity became available for me to work in recruitment, I thought that I would take the leap and move away from the classroom and support people individually….and it was wonderful! Building relationships and working collaboratively with others, really brought me joy because I could see how happy placements were making others.

Two years ago, I decided to start my own recruitment consultancy business where I could work with candidates and employers to help find the right fit. I am so glad that I took the leap!

// Tell us about an influential person who guided you on this path?
My husband, Jason. He was the one who suggested that I start my own business. He has championed me every step of the way. Supported and guided me along the way.

My mum, who has become my children’s Uber driver and helped me with school pickups. Growing up my mum showed me what it is like to work in a professional space, she worked hard and instilled my work ethic.

// What do you love about South Australia and your local area?
South Australia is a great place to run a business in because everyone knows one another. We are so connected which helps to build trust and relationships.

I live in Athelstone. The best coffee shop around here is Young and Younger – I highly recommend if you are in the area.

One of my favourite restaurants in Adelaide is Stem followed by Goldenboy!

// What would you like to tell someone on a similar career path to you? And what would you do differently if you were taking this path over again?
It is the hardest you’ll ever work but you won’t regret it. Keep positive, each day is a new day and when you feel challenged, talk to someone you trust and lifts you up.

I wish I had started earlier! I wish I had the confidence to believe in myself, years ago. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason, so maybe I wasn’t ready then but I am now!

// What was the best career advice you have been given?
Build your support network. I am forever grateful for my support network, the business owners and candidates who have referred me to others and provided advice.

// What would you like people to know about you and about Champagne Recruitment?
That I’m not salesy or pushy. I take the time to work with my candidates and clients to make sure that I have a strong understanding of the position and the type of person they are looking for.

// Finally, if you weren’t a recruitment superstar, what would be your dream job?
Dancer! I was a ballerina for almost 20 years. I miss dancing and wish that I had made dancing my career.

Get in touch with Leah & Champagne Recruitment:

Website: www.champagnerecruitment.com.au
Facebook: Champagne Recruitment
Instagram: @champagnerecruitment
LinkedIn: Leah Baylis

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