Employsure is Australia’s leading Employment Relations and Work Health & Safety service provider, we offer tailored solutions to help small and medium businesses establish their workplace compliance, advise, and protect businesses in the management of their people. This provides business owners and managers time and confidence to focus on growing their business.

Australia’s Industrial Relations framework is complex, it can be challenging to fully comprehend what applies to your workplace and how to best implement procedures to meet regulations. Our 30,000 members, (over 1,500 here in South Australia,) benefit from unlimited help with managing workplace performance, document management, wages, staff onboarding, termination and reactive support to workplace safety or grievances.

We are there for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

As Business Development Manager at Employsure, I meet with clients across South Australia every day, in my consultations we discuss many challenges, common missteps in managing the workplace, how to apply cost savings with suitable employment structures, identify potential risks and the importance of strong administrative controls for Work Health and Safety. It’s my extensive skills and knowledge working across a range of industries and varying size businesses that assists in helping the business community at large.

// “I enjoy having intellectual conversations with inspiring and resilient business owners. I love learning about their stories, discussing the hurdles they have overcome, hearing about their business dreams, and guiding them through the raw, emotional rollercoaster of running a business.

As a passionate small and medium business consultant I have worked with various companies and clients having helped them achieve their goals with necessary tools and resources, as well as offering best practice advice. I am committed to helping businesses grow and thrive by providing them with the guidance they need to succeed.

// South Australia is a great place to conduct business, especially now. Business confidence is stable and there is loads of innovation and investment. When you connect with a great community of people you can thrive.

// Embrace change as a way of life and build a community of likeminded people that will support and promote you.

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Linkedin: Hannah Lea
Website: www.employsure.com.au

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