Hi, thanks for checking me out! My name is Meike Wise, I am a down to earth, enthusiastic business professional with a passion for people. My expertise is in customer experience and change management.

My business ‘Change & Ways’ helps small businesses to truly understand who their customers are and enables them to provide their customers with an exceptional experience resulting in brand loyalty and advocacy. Started in 2020, based in Adelaide but thanks to our new ‘online culture’ I can deliver anywhere!

We help you find your customer’s voice

We help you design the ideal Customer Experience

We offer workshops & training

The best part of my work is seeing what happens to people when they are having a great experience (anytime and anywhere!), making them smile for days. I am inspired by courage, vulnerability and authenticity and will work hard to help build people-centric business environments by thoroughly understanding what people need and desire. Through my work, I get to make deeper connections with people and contribute to a kinder and more authentic world. This is ultimately what makes me tick!

When I am not creating great people experiences, you will find me either on the beach, on a walk, or surrounded by art & design. I am a fond photographer and painter; my work is heavily influenced by sun, seas & palm trees and will regularly try to entice anyone to get involved!

Get in touch with Meike:

Facebook:  Change & Ways

Instagram: @changeandways

LinkedIn: Meike Wise

Website: www.changeandways.com.au