I am a business woman, wife, mother of three boys. I have started my second business in the holistic wellness industry of Bioresonance and have opened a home clinic in Barossa. This change of field, as well as still being involved with our bakery D&Ms in Angaston, came about after health struggles.

Bioresonance is a gentle holisitic health modality that focuses on reducing your total body load. Imagine your body is like an empty barrel. Over time, it gradually fills up with toxins from medications, chemicals, viruses, parasites, diet, stress, EMFS, heavy metals & unprocessed trauma all adds up until it starts overflowing. When it is overflowing that’s when feeling unwell & dis-ease can occur.

By using energy frequencies to remove blockages get your energy flowing throughout your body and help your detoxification systems work optimally, helps reduce the total body load. This will help your body heal and gain vitality for life as your load is lighter!

// What has been a lesson you learnt in your career/business, that has stayed with you?
Do it! Surround yourself with the yes people

// Do you have a fave place to spend summer/go to for coffee/ go to to relax/ go to for food?
Fave place for a coffee – D&Ms of course!

// What advice would you give other women wanting to start a business?
You are worth taking care of.

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Facebook: Melissa Jachmann Bioresonance Practitioner
Instagram: @meljachmann.bioresonance
Website: msha.ke/melissajachmann

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