My name is Victoria Wallis-Smith and I’m a money coach and businesss owner of Nutshell Money. The first thing you’d probably notice about me is I have an accent… I’m from Glasgow and moved here in 2000. Fast forward 20 years and I shifted careers from civil engineering to financial planning.

But I wasn’t helping people with everyday money stuff – I wanted to combine personal experience, knowledge of project management and finance, to help people do money better.

Nutshell Money was born!

And outside of Nutshell… I have a hubby, two kids, a labradoodle, and a love of travel, food and wine (if I’m lucky, combining all three!)

So, from the grey skies of Glasgow to the sunshine of Adelaide – there’s been a few twists and turns, but that keeps life interesting!

// What do you love most about your role?
Seeing clients have their “a-ha” money moment – can’t beat it. A close second would be when a client and tells me about the savings they ‘found’ …. (part of the activities we do in my money coaching program). The numbers nerd in me does a quick tally on that monthly figure and we celebrate what that ‘find’ means for them over a year.

// What led you to the career you are in?
OMG! That’s like the $20million dollar question 😉 It sounds corny but it really feels like my whole career has led me to be a money coach – from being a civil engineer in Glasgow, to having a bad/good money experience, to emigrating to Australia in 2000, to re-starting my career and my finances, to meeting my now husband, to becoming a financial planning, then realising that wasn’t my passion. Then finally, it all came together for me and I launched Nutshell Money. Being a money coach is a career that allows me to be in the privileged position of being able to help people do better with money.

// What are you most proud of?
Pretty darn proud of my kids… they’re growing into such awesome people. But putting family to the side it would have to be launching Nutshell Money… I never thought I’d be a business owner. But when I realised being a money coach was a thing, it felt like the most natural thing to do, I didn’t even hesitate.

I absolutely love living and working in Adelaide – I literally arrived here on a one-way ticket from Glasgow with a backpack. But if you want to know why I chose Adelaide, that’s a longer story then there’s space for – get in touch and I’ll tell you over a coffee or wine … there’s a hint 😉

I’m a fan of the quote “work smarter not harder”… though I advocate working hard as well. But sometimes you’ve got to pause, and think is this working? And even if it’s not broken, ask yourself “can I do better?” That’s what working smarter means to me.

Get in touch with Victoria:

Facebook: Nutshell Money
Instagram: @nutshellmoney
Linkedin: Victoria Wallis-Smith
Website: www.nutshellmoney.com.au

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