Thank you for having me! My name is Jodi and I am the only Woman among ten men at our Automotive Restoration Workshop, Southern Classics and Customs.

We are located in Seaford, South Australia and restore Classic, Muscle and Vintage vehicles from all over Australia.

My Husband and I created our business in 2010 and have been busy building our reputation and Team ever since. Over the past ten years we have won multiple trophies and our clients cars have featured in several magazines and promotional events. My husband had been working as Fulltime a Panel beater since his apprenticeship and was restoring cars on the weekends. I was busy being a mum of two and working in Retail Management.

We decided to open our own business in 2010 with the idea that I would help get systems up and running and then step away. Our business became so busy that I never stepped away, in fact, I had to step up and with that also came new challenges.

My biggest hurdle has been steadily chipping away at finding my voice in a male dominated industry. Time and Knowledge have helped me achieve more of an understanding from the majority of the industry I deal with regularly. Unfortunately I still occasionally have to deal with the odd occurrence but I have a pretty amazing Team of men who have my back!

I am most proud of the the extended family we have built including our Team and Clients. We have multiple repeat clients and we are always booked well ahead with referrals.

I love running a business in South Australia because we have so much untapped potential in so many different areas of Industry and are surrounded by stunning landscapes to escape too.

We live South of Adelaide and are absolutely spoilt with Wineries, Distilleries, Eateries and stunning beaches. I feel very blessed to have a seemingly endless list of places to visit!

The best advice I would give to any woman wanting to start a business, is do your research, build a support community and never stop learning!

“Be brave enough to be bad at something new.” – Jon Acuff




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Website: www.southernclassicsandcustoms.com.au