My business card and name badge empathises with most women here, ‘Master Juggler’. My friends and customers know me as ‘Kel’, the SA Tour Host. I’ve been around the traps in the State’s tourism and media industry for over 20 years, in private enterprise and more government departments than I care to count. I am the proud creator of Juggle House Experiences and value the busy life my customers lead. 

Juggle House Experiences is an innovative personalised tour and transport business. I specialise in packaging cross-regional tours and travel adventures. My finest moments of pride are sharing the best of regional South Australia and helping my customers create memories that last a lifetime.

I customise tours, airport and accommodation transfers to houseboats, weddings and special event charters. Maybe you have heard about my famous ‘Entertainer Limo’ where guests travel in style? An absolutely unique, spacious and luxurious Mercedes limousine, fully equipped with three music DVD television screens, with surround sound, club lounge leather seating and a mini bar!

While I started this crazy venture, I held the position of Deputy Mayor of our local Council and tour host of Lions 360 Walk of the Brave at the world famous Monarto Zoo. And for fun, I’ve been known to MC a few gigs around SA. When I’m not on the road, I am busy juggling commitments for our two beautiful daughters aged 13 and 11. These girls are true IVF miracles as my husband is a young testicular cancer survivor with reportedly the oldest recorded frozen sperm in Australia (23 years). The bonus is Woman’s Day and The Today Show featuring both their births saw us with some impressive media stories and stunning images from famous photographers for our wall. Karl Stefanovic brought his film crew to our house when our 1st daughter was 7 days old – my T&C’s were a hair and makeup artist must accompany! 🙂

Grateful for my upbringing the eldest of 3 hard working girls on a wheat and sheep farm. I travelled the world for work through my state government marketing roles and an Around the World Ticket on a Rotary Exchange after living in Mexico. My public relations roles find me working with celebrities from around the nation – I helped Cosi organise his speaking engagements and grant writing, and recently co-hosted an episode of Langhorne Creek with Hayley from Adelady due to air 8 August. I hold an Advanced Diploma of Business in Tourism and I’m fortunate to have inroads with oodles of fellow tourism businesses in regional South Australia to help get the best out of my customers adventure.

I am a Board Member of the Murray River, Lakes and Coorong Tourism Alliance, the Governing Council Vice Chairperson of Mypolonga Primary School and Founder and Secretary of my local Progress Association. I guess I live up to the Master Juggler job title. And I can actually juggle for real – 3 in one hand, 2 in the other! Usually I only pull the juggling balls out later in the day after a few wines so I look more impressive!

There have definitely been hurdles owning a tourism business during Covid. I have never worked so hard in all my life as what I have to survive these past 15 months. I reach for my beaming smile and inject a radiating personality in everything I do. I choose gratitude everyday.

Many people have asked how they can help during lockdowns & COVID in general, so I came up with this list (which relates to many of our fave SA businesses)

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