Held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on June 23rd, 2023. Our breakfast series is all about bringing women together and sharing the journey of 3 talented South Australian women who show us – there is more than one way to soar in South Australia!


Lauren Spear, The Orange Butterfly Foundation
Lauren is a traumatic brain injury non for profit CEO, advocate, mentor, writer and speaker, and a proud member of the disability community. The Orange Butterfly Foundation came about following her involvement in a serious workplace accident in 2018 whilst helping one of her young students off a piece of playground equipment. For the last 5 years she has been recovering and living with a traumatic brain injury.

The Orange Butterfly Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals who are living with traumatic brain injuries, prolonged concussion and other lifelong brain injuries by providing invaluable financial benevolent relief and support, as well as hosting community events continuing to promote inclusion, diversity and belonging amongst the community for individuals with brain injury.

Linkedin: Lauren Spear
Website: theorangebutterfly.blog

Hannah Lea, Employsure
Employsure is Australia’s leading Employment Relations and Work Health & Safety service provider, we offer tailored solutions to help small and medium businesses establish their workplace compliance, advise, and protect businesses in the management of their people. This provides business owners and managers time and confidence to focus on growing their business.

As Business Development Manager at Employsure, I meet with clients across South Australia every day, in my consultations we discuss many challenges, common missteps in managing the workplace, how to apply cost savings with suitable employment structures, identify potential risks and the importance of strong administrative controls for Work Health and Safety. It’s my extensive skills and knowledge working across a range of industries and varying size businesses that assists in helping the business community at large.

Linkedin: Hannah Lea
Website: employsure.com.au

Nicole Gollan, Nik & Co. Consultancy
Nik & Co. Consultancy transforms lived experiences for First Nations communities by interweaving genuine reconciliatory practices into corporate and community settings. To work “with”, is far more advantageous! As a proud Ngarrindjeri woman and mother to an ever-growing young Aboriginal male in Australia, Nicole’s obligation to enact immediate change was obvious. Whilst seemingly farfetched to some, her goal to make this world a better place for him became a priority.

Nicole believes in a genuine, collective approach toward reconciliation, all reconciliation journeys are important. She supports by mapping out the needs of a business to provide the necessary advice and tools to enable meaningful reconciliation with First Nation communities.

Nicole is a proud advocate for social, inclusive change. A cultural lens can influence sustainable impact, together we can make a difference.

Linkedin: Nicole Gollan
Website: nikandco.com.au


Kate Burr is a Leadership and Communication expert with a 20-year career as an Award-Winning Comedian and High-Performance Humour Coach. She uses the power of laughter and humour to create engaging, feel-good experiences for her audiences and clients.

Find Kate on Linkedin HERE.