At the heart of every brand, is a story that beats again and again, telling the world what it stands for. At SA Woman, that heart is a butterfly.

This week, we began the process of launching a program we are so incredibly proud of and excited about sharing! The plan was to announce to our email newsletter list, then to our SA Woman Community Members and finally to announce publicly across our social media channels. However, at that first step, we were made aware that in an (admittedly embarrassing) oversight, our program name was too similar to another offering from a woman in South Australia.

Integrity in business is extremely important to us so we immediately pivoted and pulled back on our announcements until we could change the name and be confident that all was ok to move forward. We were very grateful for the kind and considerate way that it was brought to our attention, and we will still be excited to share the program very soon with its new name!

This felt like an opportune time to delve a little deeper into the meaning behind some of SA Woman’s branding and why you will see themes of butterflies, wings, soaring, and connection pop up everywhere you look! These themes have been present since the very beginning of SA Woman and they run a lot deeper into the meaning behind the organisation than a lot of people realise!

A group of butterflies is known as a kaleidoscope, named as such due to the array of colours and patterns you see when butterflies gather together.

The purpose of SA Woman is to highlight the incredible beauty of a group of women coming together and showcasing their unique ideas, talents, businesses, jobs and skills. When we are together, our differences become our most distinguishing characteristics and it creates a diverse and fascinating landscape to explore. We see this with our ‘Learning through conversation’ events, with our Member Gatherings, in the SA Woman Member Facebook Group and especially at our SAW Summit event.

When butterflies fly on the air currents, it is referred to as ‘soaring’

When you take the 3 beginning letters of SA Woman, they create the acronym ‘SAW’ that we often use interchangeably when discussing our own organisation. It is no coincidence that saying ‘SAW’ out loud, sounds the same as saying ‘soar’. SA Woman’s passion is in helping our members and all women in South Australia to soar in their businesses and careers. We want to be the current of air that elevates us all to do and be better and to achieve our own individual version of success.

The wings of a butterfly are all unique to each species and there are over 17,000 different species throughout the world.

Each woman in business or career throughout South Australia has their own “wing pattern” and we are passionate about connecting and showcasing every different one we see!  We are not all alike and we don’t want to all be alike. However, we can support and uplift each other for the individual patterns we have. For us, that means telling the stories and allowing women to be heard. Encouraging each other to show our wings and be proud of who and what we are and what we stand for.

Butterflies will gather and roost together when it is cold, to share life giving warmth and ward off dangers.

SA Woman Members are women, mothers, carers, business owners, career women and volunteers. Despite these different paths in life, we come together at Gatherings and Connected Events to lift each other up and help each other through the ‘cold’. As we sit together and share ideas, the atmosphere of warmth and connection is evident to all. This is the core of SA Woman – Connecting and Elevating the women of South Australia to soar again.

Soaring together,

xx SA Woman Team

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