We want to say a HUGE thank you to each & every one of the incredible women have stood in our Business Spotlight throughout 2021

Oh my, what a lineup!

We’re so grateful for their support of our far-reaching SA Woman community, for being so generous with their knowledge and for letting us dive right in to their story, for the epic giveaways, Events, Masterclasses, Conversations with Carly – and so much more!

If you want some inspirational reading, look no further.

Head to each of the links below to read all 10 of the amazing Q+A’s. It was such a privilege to take 5 with each of these amazing women!

Meet Adèle Basheer from Intrinsic


In this chat, Adèle reveals how Intrinsic began with 1 handmade card…which turned into over 20,000 handmade cards, before they were approached by an international card company. And yes – they are still very much an Adelaide-based biz! We get the party tooters out for Intrinsic’s 25th birthday, dive right into Adèle’s secrets to longevity, where she & her team draw their inspiration from, as well as her own special rituals that take her through the week and year.

Adèle also tells us how she’s blown away by how connected and supportive SA Woman members are, and how its the perfect place to connect with other like-minded souls. Couldn’t agree more!

Read the full Q+A with Adèle!

Meet Ailsa Robson - Walk & Talk Therapist


In this chat, you’ll discover why Ailsa began walk & talk therapy 5 years ago and hasn’t look back! We get the party tooters out for the launch of Ailsa’s podcast, Compassionate Conversations, and we also dive right into the reasons why women in business may not seek the help they need. And, in a beautiful moment, we join Ailsa as she talks to her 12 year old self about body shaming & food shaming. Absolute goosebumps moment.

Ailsa also reveals that from the moment she joined the SA Woman membership community, she felt entrusted by the women she met – for simply being herself. That SA Woman has given her nothing but confidence to back her rebellious vision and work outside the box. Hell yes!

Read the full Q+A with Ailsa!

Meet Em Hilder from Human Brands


In this chat, we dive right into how Em’s specialty is working with purpose-driven brands with messages to share and movements to start. She’s a magician at helping you unearth where your talents, passions & purpose meet – and has helped many do exactly this! You’ll discover how Em went from working with huge global brands and enormous teams, to starting her own business, for the freedom it creates and impact she can have.

Em also reveals how being in the SA Woman membership community is incredibly supportive, and the events leave her walking on clouds for days! Not to mention that being asked to speak at the SA Woman Summit was a career highlight!

Read the full Q+A with Em!

Meet Teresa Janowski from STEM Fast Track


In this chat, you can just feel the passion & dedication that Teresa has for her work, and for the many young women who go through her incredible STEM Sistas program. You’ll read about how Teresa has now delivered her programs in Adelaide, right across the globe to Krakow, Poland! We also dive right into the exciting ESTEAM Summit coming up in October, and *Spoiler Alert*, if you look closely, you’ll find a sneak peek of what’s coming up next for STEM Fast Track!

Teresa also reveals how being in the SA Woman membership feels so inclusive & welcoming, and how last year’s SAW Summit left her bursting with ideas!

Read the full Q+A with Teresa!

Meet Amelia McLeod Photography


We chat about how personal branding photos are integral to doing business now, and Amelia gives you her 5 hot tips to nail your social media imagery!  (Yes – even if you feel like you’re not photogenic!) We delve right into Amelia’s backstory and the journey she took from a major in Zoology to creating her photography business where she’s had clients cry with joy, finally seeing themselves as beautiful women.

Amelia also reveals how being in the SA Woman membership has bolstered her confidence, knowing she’s not alone in the juggle – no, you definitely are not! 

Read the full Q+A with Amelia!

Meet Jenna Douglas - Human Design


As a huge fan of all things self-development, energy, spirituality and the stars, Jess from Jess McEachen Copywriting was so pumped to chat with Jenna! From talking about self-responsibility and the journey inward, to how Jenna escaped burnout and the 9 weeks of lockdown that closed her bricks & mortar business put her on this new soul-led path.  And, how most importantly – that with human design, Jenna was finally able to stop pushing, forcing, hustling and live in alignment instead.

Jenna mentions how the woman in the SA Woman membership are all incredible lighthouses – and we think Jenna is definitely one of those herself!

Read the full Q+A with Jenna!

Meet Jodi Facy from Facy & Co.


Jess from Jess McEachen Copywriting absolutely loved getting to take five with Jodi. She just kept nodding her head – there were so many ‘Yes!’ moments! From hearing how Jodi loved the process of starting a business, yet had no idea how many decisions she’d face from Day 1. (Right?!) To how Jodi is here to make sure women pay themselves properly in their business, and how there is a fallacy that women are bitchy and tear each other down. Couldn’t be further from the truth! 

Jodi also reveals how she has learnt a lot found some amazing ladies through the group who she has engaged to work with her on everything from copywriting, styling, home renovations & client gifts, It really is a one-stop shop for support, advice, and outsourcing. Yes it is!

Read the full Q+A with Jodi!

Meet Sarina Abbott from Festival Bookkeeping


Sarina Abbott from Festival Bookkeeping  is taking 2021 by storm, looking to push herself beyond her comfort levels and “think bigger”. Sarina is a much-loved member of SA Woman and is an absolute saving grace for her clients!

When Jess from Jess McEachen Copywriting took five with Sarina, she loved hearing about Sarina’s biggest lessons from the past 5 years, what women are inspiring her in business, and it’s so great to know that all hope is definitely not lost if your bookkeeping has gotten out of control!

We also discover how being brave can turn baby steps into bigger steps, and how SA Woman has provided Sarina with a welcoming & supportive community to reach out to, refer work on to and enjoy brilliant conversation with!

Read the full Q+A with Sarina!

Meet Jessica Lorraine from Lorraine Virtual


Jessica Lorraine from Lorraine Virtual is a self-confessed ‘Small girl helping small businesses to do BIG things’! Jessica is well known within the SA Woman ranks for her incredible work through her website and digital marketing boutique, and has helped a number of us ramp up our online presence!

When Jess from Jess McEachen Copywriting took five with Jessica, she not only discovered the significance behind Lorraine Virtual, but got to wave the pom poms because Jessica has just launched her brand new course ‘Social Media Foundations’ – which will make your socials rock solid! (And pssst, there’s a Member discount too!)

We also dive deeper into Jessica’s own journey, including the moments she’s considered throwing in the towel, how she avoids Shiny Object Syndrome, why SA Woman is the community that stands out about above the rest, and the personal challenge that’s shifted how she does business.

Read the full Q+A with Jessica!

Meet Jodie Nevid from The 7 Effect


When Jess from Jess McEachen Copywriting took five with Jodie, she just couldn’t stop smiling. Jodie’s energy is infectious and within moments of being in her company, you want to know more & more about what she does, and find out how to work with her!

Jodie has gone from feeling suffocated by the corporate world to living her best life as a lifestyle entrepreneur and business coach, and doing it all on her own terms. She’s been dubbed ‘The Fairy Godmother for Women in Business’ and loves to support women to earn more and work less, and helps women to launch or grow a successful 6-figure coaching or consulting business.

You’ll also find out why Jodie thinks her SA Women Membership is one of the best business investments she’s ever made. 

Read the full Q+A with Jodie!