Starting a business costs money. Even doing it lean will require you to invest.

Websites, branding, social media, financials, marketing, insurance…and the list goes on.

You can do it all, but some things really need the pros. And coaching and training is invaluable in those early stages.

But where do you get the money??

When I started Sass Place I couldn’t get a loan.

You think the banks will lend you money for your new venture?? You’re wrong. Without a proven income stream, your words are nothing more than that. The banks do not share your passion.

So a credit card it was and any savings we had. Everything was poured into the business.

It will be worth it I thought.

It will pay us back and then some.

It’s the next big thing!!

It will be huge!

And then it wasn’t…. it sucked money like no tomorrow.

Rent. Electricity. Air conditioner repairs. Technology trouble. Crèche staff. It was never ending. And I had no money for marketing or anything else – whoops!!!

But slowly it paid us back.

Just one more year.

Just one more year I’d tell myself. And I was able to keep going. And then I decided to grow, expand. It was the next step after all!!

More investing. I trademarked, $5k, poof gone!

My mission was coming to fruition, Sass Place was a success and fulfilling what she was here to do.

And then I changed my mind.

I didn’t want this anymore. This stress, this intensity. I didn’t want this for my life. My body didn’t want it. And it seemed no one else wanted it either.

The workload and the risk?? No one would pay me for it!! I couldn’t even give it away.

Seemed like I was the only one at the time willing to do it on my own.

I struggled to let go. Because I knew financially, it didn’t give me what I thought it would have.

But it was time.

So when I closed the chapter? I left just wanting to be debt free.

I achieved that. For 3 1/2 years work I earnt around $10k.

But any money that had repaid the debt was eaten up by my lack of contributing to the family income. The guilt was huge and financially I had nothing to show for it.

But oh, the experience…

  • I learnt how to start a business from scratch.
  • I learnt how to manage cashflow.
  • I learnt how to manage staff.
  • I learnt about commercial leasing.
  • I learnt more about dealing with people.
  • I learnt graphic design, website development and bookkeeping.
  • I learnt to try new things, and be ok when they didn’t work.
  • I learnt about events, how to run them big and small, budgeting, venues and marketing.
  • I learnt how to scale.
  • I learnt about my own resilience and how strong I am.
  • I made connections and met some of the most amazing women who are still part of my life.
  • I grew as a person.
  • I learnt everything I needed to, to enable me to do what I do today.

And I found myself.

I didn’t make millions from investing (and in some ways losing really) my family savings.

BUT I gained so, so, so, so much more than money.

And now I am earning an income through my businesses.

Because I did the hard yards. I put lot on the line – but not as much as some. I was not risking my house for this.

I took a risk.

And yep, I did my time.

The guilt has dissipated now and I can see the results of my hard work.

Business is not easy and it is the biggest self development journey you will take. And if you’re scared of failing or think you can start a business on a budget of $0?? Save yourself the stress. Save up some money first, and then do it right.

It will save you lots of heartache if you have some money to tie you over rather than being month to month in a state of financial stress.

Or week to week.

Start small first and then grow, you don’t need to do it all at once.

And do your numbers well, and conservatively!!

Remember not everyone has the same passion and enthusiasm for your ideas.

Financially a business can lead to losses (and gains!!), but personally it will only lead to growth.

It’s all part of your journey – whatever way it goes.

Sometimes you need to be taking risks to reap the rewards – but make them calculated and well planned out.

Investing our family savings didn’t give me the outcome I thought.

But it did lead me to:

  • Amazing experiences
  • Incredible on-the-job learning
  • Phenomenal people and…

A path now that I absolutely love!

Carly Thompson-Barry, founder of SA Woman, has a never-ending passion for helping and encouraging women to rise up, turn dreams into reality and achieve a joy-filled life – while also doing so sustainably. She manages to beautifully weave together her skills in business and wellbeing to nurture women through their own life journey. With a multi-award winning PT business, over 8 years of business experience, including the creation of Australia’s first coworking space for women, a thriving women in business community in SA Woman and a “nothing is impossible” attitude, Carly will be there beside you to nurture you holistically towards your dream life – body, soul and business. Discover more at www.shenurtures.com.au and Facebook.

Carly Thompson-Barry – She Nurtures