This time of year it’s so easy to get caught up in the “rushing now to relax later” mindset. There’s gifts to buy, finishing things before the end of the year, children on school holidays, gatherings that need to be organised NOW and let’s not forget all the preparation for the BIG DAY!

It’s time to calm the farm and access the power button anytime you need. You have the tools to relax right now!

Not only will it help your sanity, there will be a cascade effect on your physical, emotional and mental self
too! You will sleep better, digest food easier, have clarity of mind, regain control of your to-do list and finish this year with peace and joy.

But first, let’s introduce you to the vagus nerve.

This is the longest cranial nerve that starts in the little dip behind your ears, runs down your neck finishing near your colon. Its function contributes to the autonomic nervous system, the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous parts and is responsible for sensory activities and motor information for movement within the body. The vagus nerve is the power button to your parasympathetic nervous system, that feeling of complete calm and relaxation.

How do you press that button whenever you need it? There are a few ways!

● Singing, chanting, gargling and humming all stimulate the vocal cords and cause vibration through
the vagus nerve
● Dancing, laughing and shaking your body – there is a reason why moving your body makes you feel
so good
● Massage and light tapping around your ears, jaw, brow line and collar bone – stimulate blood and
lymphatic fluid flow, is another form of vibration and just feels nice
● Massage around your belly button – it’s time to get comfortable with your body. Adding some light
stroking and tapping, moving into a deeper massage clockwise, will also stimulate your lymphatic
system and release any toxic build up by getting those bowels moving
● Breathing – slow, deep controlled breathing that you forget to do, is extremely nourishing for your
vagus nerve

How can you incorporate these tools into a challenging situation?

Imagine Christmas day is here! With so much excitement comes some dread, that one person who drives you crazy, has just grated on your final nerve.
Now is the perfect opportunity to remove yourself from the situation, head to the bathroom and give yourself a few moments to start massaging your ears, tapping your collarbone, or stroking your brow line

You’re sitting at the table and unable to remove yourself.
Try some deep breaths or grab one of those bad jokes from the Christmas cracker and laugh. A forced laugh can turn into a real laugh and laughing is contagious. You can lift the spirits of all those around you with a good belly laugh.

The rush is on to get the gifts brought and the shops are crazy with people. You can feel the impatience start to rise within, how can you take control of your response to the situation?
Well, most shopping centres have Christmas carols playing, so tune into that. Start humming or softly singing to yourself, you could even get your body involved with a little bum wiggle or hip bump. Whilst you are doing this for you, you may even brighten someone else’s day and remove a moment of stress for everyone!

There are a million ways you can incorporate this into your world. Self awareness and practice are all you
need to take control of the moment. You are more powerful than you realise and your body is a magnificent ally to help you navigate this Christmas.

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About the Author
Angela Jarvis is a Women’s Movement Coach, who empowers exhausted women to regain control of their emotional, mental and physical self.