There’s no doubting the power of Instagram Stories.

In fact, half of Instagram’s one billion active daily users are interacting with Stories. That’s right. In January of this year, we saw Instagram Stories tick over to HALF A BILLION daily active users.

That’s approximately half of Instagram’s total daily active users tapping, voting, swiping and engaging on Instagram Stories each and every day.

And for those half a billion users? One of their top three stories that they see each day is from a brand or business.

Latest reports also state that the introduction and rise in popularity of Stories has seen an additional 10-15 minutes added to people’s time spent on Instagram per day.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg called Stories the last big game-changing feature from the company and with numbers like that, it’s not hard to see why.

Instagram Stories give us place to be spontaneous (yet considered), fun and playful (yet on brand). Human. A place to introduce the people behind the business and share behind the scenes of your business.

And the best part of all?

Stories can be created in a matter of minutes yet can have a lasting, positive impact on your business by fast-tracking the “know, like, trust” relationship with followers.

So, with that in mind, here are five ways to use Instagram Stories for your business.

1. Share the love

One of the best ways to build and create a community on social media is to reach out and feature others.

This could be through sharing their content or tagging them in a post which explains how they have inspired or impacted you. By featuring someone else on your platform, you attract their attention and you have the opportunity to connect with them in a meaningful way.

2. Behind the scenes

As people, we love to see behind the scenes! Where does the magic happen? Where do you spend your days creating? What does your workplace look like?

Whether you work from home, an office, a shop or a cafe, your followers would love to see a little (or a lot) of your working world.

3. Ask a question

The very best way to invite conversation and interaction is to ask a question.

Social media is a two-way conversation and the only platform you can receive instant feedback from your audience. Plus, we all love to share our thoughts, experiences and opinions!

4. This is me

I believe in showing up for your audience, and the only way they can get to know you is by showing them who you are – this is how we build relationships online.

Think about the opportunity, not the ask. Think about the people you’re speaking to and serving. It’s about them, not you. Give them the chance to get to know you.

5. What’s next

Instagram Stories is an awesome platform to share things you might not share anywhere else. It creates a feeling of exclusivity for your audience – like they’re part of a special club. Which makes them want to tune in even more.

So, here’s your chance to share something special, just for them!

Bonus tip:

Use the features within Stories to capture attention and maximise engagement – such as questions, polls, location and user tags, hashtags, countdowns and GIFs.

As for how many Stories?

My recommendation is to post anywhere between 3-12 Instagram Stories in a 24-hour period. This means there will always be something for your followers to view and engage with.

Instagram Stories is a place to go beyond what your business does. A place to create conversation and connection. A place to show your personality and have fun!

Use Stories consistently to deliver high value content to your followers and you’ll see results on Instagram.


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Sonia Bavistock,

Scribe & Social

Sonia Bavistock is an Adelaide-based fashion and lifestyle blogger (Sonia Styling). 

For the past 6 years, she has taught herself everything digital and social media and built a community of nearly 35,000 engaged and loyal readers and followers. She has also worked on national campaigns with well-known brands such as Schwarzkopf, Katies, Australia Post and Bupa – to name a few.

In 2017, Sonia took everything she has learned online and offline to launch Scribe and Social and help other business owners make their social media shine and cast a spotlight on their unique brand story.

Scribe and Social is all about online presence with substance and style.