How well do you know your Ideal Client?

I work as an Intuitive Business Coach helping people when they feel stuck in business. I enjoy working with women because I connect better.

So my target market is: “Women starting or running their own business”.



Unfortunately this is one of the biggest mistakes people make in business and all it does is waste your precious time, energy and money!

You see, from both a spiritual and practical sense this is too large an audience and although they can bring your business money, you still need to attract them first.

So how do you define your target market so you can put your energy into attracting the right clients?

Let me show you how using 3 easy steps.


Step 1: To create your Ideal Client – think of just One Single Person.  

Ok, let’s start with the basics.  

What is their gender and what age bracket do they fall into? Don’t get trapped this early by being too generic because age brackets are important. Even if it is generalized, they tend to define what stage of life they are in, so try to keep it to a 10 – 15 year bracket.

Now let’s move to the relationship sphere. (And, remember that you are focusing on a single client). So, what is their relationship status? Do they have a significant other?

What is their family situation like? This may be their immediate family and/or their extended family depending on their situation.

What is their friend situation like? And don’t forget friends, as this can be one of the most important types of relationships in a person’s life.

See how detailed we’re getting. Soon you will see why…

For now let us move on to the career sphere. So think about if they are in a particular industry. What is their working hours and what type of pay are they bringing in?

And what is their financial situation? This is slightly different from the money they are bringing in as it is more focused on how much they are spending relevant to their income.

The next sphere we can include is health. This may depend a lot on the age bracket you have chosen or health may itself be an integral part of your target market. For example, if you are focusing on clients with Diabetes.

Our final sphere for today is hobbies. What do they like to learn? And what do they like to do for fun? Even if they have no time for it! Look to include ‘Personal Development’ here – even if it is an employment requirement, more than a hobby.  

Step 2: Create a Clear Visual of your ideal client.

By now you should be getting quite a list – most likely more than a dozen details about your ideal client. This is the essence of your target market.

It doesn’t need to be written into a fancy sentence but you do need to have it so you can clearly see all aspects.

You can lay it out any way that works for you but make sure you have each element visible and keep it nice and specific.

Personally, I love to use a mind map that looks like a flower, where all of the circles extend out from the centre circle of age & gender. 

Step 3: Discover how to find your Target Market.

Now you have your ideal client you are probably wondering now what you do with this information!

This is where the fun begins.

Where can you find your target market?

Let us consider how we find our clients offline.

Most of us stick with what we are comfortable with and so we go to women’s networking groups and hang out with our friends and try to find people like us. 

But here’s the kicker – your target market will never be where you are comfortable to go!

Even if you have been through the same experience as your target market – you have come out the other side. That’s why you offer your specific set of knowledge and skills. You are no longer the same as them, you have grown. So, while there is sure to be people at these events and in these circles who can still be your customers – they are NOT your target market.

So let’s use your Ideal Client to find your Target Market.  

One easy way might be is to look at their hobbies combined with their financial situation.

That will give you an idea of what type of hobby groups they might be participating in. If you then also add their working hours, immediate family situation and their relationship status, you will know what type of time frame they will be able to attend these hobby groups. You can then search websites like Eventbrite and your local council to find hobby groups that fit your criteria and you can potentially join in.

This same above example can be applied to career networking events, professional development and other social settings.

As you are now familiar with all aspects of their life there are also many other avenues you can pursue and of course it will also direct how you put your energy out there online as well.

Time to Go Get ‘Em!

Now you know who your target market is and you know where you are likely to find them the only thing holding you back is you!

So even if you aren’t feeling real confident right now, fake it ‘till you make it!  

Put a big smile on your face, get your elevator pitch flowing and get your energy out there.

Good luck!


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Emma Liggins,

Intuitive Business Coach

Emma Liggins is a highly qualified Intuitive Business Coach, who is passionate about Occupational Wellness, empowering employees, startups & existing business owners to combat limiting beliefs & impostor syndrome through identifying personal genius & recognising challenges as great learning opportunities.

Wherever you may be feeling stuck, Emma will uncover your endless possibilities & support you in implementing practical, achievable actions.

Emma has also built two businesses from the ground up, one a massive failure and the other an international success. Combined with her diverse working background & having travelled the globe, Emma uses her significant life experience to guide her clients towards achieving their personal and professional goals.