Meet SA Woman Member, Candice Feng.

Business/Organisation: Ms Morning
Job Role: Founder

Tell us a bit about you:
Hey there! I’m Candice, the brains and heart behind Ms Morning. I’m proudly rooted in the rich tapestry of Asia, where every sunrise tells a story. My journey started crunching numbers in the world of accounting and finance, but you know what they say about following your heart?

So, I took a detour into marketing. From tech talk to strutting the fashion scene, I learned to tell stories that stick. But here’s the plot twist: my heart was set on entrepreneurship. Cue Ms Morning, my brainchild that’s all about celebrating your morning glow, blending my roots with a modern vibe.

Mornings, for me, aren’t just about hitting snooze or chugging coffee. They’re opportunities to embrace your unique journey. Ms Morning isn’t just skincare; it’s a daily dose of self-love and a bit of magic.

here I am, juggling entrepreneurship and a love for storytelling. Ms Morning isn’t just a brand; it’s a promise—a promise that every morning is a chance to shine. Stick around, and let’s make every sunrise a celebration! 🌅💖

Tell us a bit about your business or organisation/role:

At Ms Morning, we’re not just about skincare; we’re about curating moments that make your mornings magic. Picture this: a blend of Asian inspiration and modern entrepreneurial spirit, all bottled up to create a brand that celebrates holistic well-being. Here, mornings aren’t just routines; they’re personal celebrations. Ms Morning is that friend who nudges you to love yourself a little more, to radiate confidence, and to embrace each new day as a canvas for your unique glow-up. Our mission is to inspire you harness the power of your mornings.

What region of South Australia are you in?:
Adelaide East

How can you best contact you:

Phone Number: 0450889877
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/candice-feng-73b215a1/

Website: www.msmorning.com
Instagram Page: msmorning.official

Let’s get to know you a little more:

What has been a lesson you learnt in your career or business that has stayed with you?
One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in my journey with Ms Morning is the art of perspective. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of the moment, but taking a step back and asking, “Will this really matter in a year, or even six months?” has been a game-changer.

See, the challenges that feel like mountains today often turn out to be mere bumps in the road when you look back. It’s like giving your future self a friendly reminder: “Hey, it’s all going to be okay.” This perspective shift has helped me navigate stressful situations with a calmer mindset, focusing on long-term goals rather than immediate worries.

It’s funny how the things that keep us up at night lose their weight over time. So, when the going gets tough, I’ve learned to trust the process, stay resilient, and remind myself that the current hiccup might just be a blip in the grand adventure of Ms Morning.

After all, challenges are just stepping stones to success, right?

What is your favourite place in South Australia to visit?
Henley Beach

Why is being part of SA Woman important to you?
Being a part of SA Woman holds a special place in my heart, especially as a new immigrant. The sense of camaraderie and understanding within this community is incredibly important to me. Moving to a new place, with different cultures and challenges, can indeed feel lonely and overwhelming.

SA Woman isn’t just a network; it’s a warm embrace from a community that gets it. The shared experiences, the struggles, and the triumphs create a bond that goes beyond business—it’s about supporting and uplifting one another on this unique journey.

In a community of women who have faced similar challenges, there’s an unspoken understanding that fosters connection and support. It’s a space where stories are shared, advice is offered, and friendships are formed. The collective wisdom and empathy within SA Woman make navigating the nuances of being a new immigrant not only manageable but also enriching.

So, for me, being a part of SA Woman is like having a sisterhood that transcends borders. It’s about finding strength in unity, celebrating diversity, and knowing that, no matter where we come from, we’re all in this together.

What is a quote or mantra you live by?
I’m proud of myself and I’m more than that.