Meet SA Woman Member, Michelle Boyd.

Business/Organisation: Yum Hugs
Job Role: Sweet Treat Creator

Tell us a bit about you:
I was interested in food long before Masterchef became a thing. I’ve long had a burning passion for collecting (read: hoarding) recipe books and giving any page a go. Baking is my happy place – my favourites being breads and cakes, and how they represent the kindness in the world that everybody deserves.

Tell us a bit about your business or organisation/role:

Yum Hugs was born from an idea of a hug in a box at a time when you couldn’t physically hug anyone due to Covid restrictions. I feel right now there is a need for connection and warmth between people. My business aims to share the love of cooking and baking with sweet treat gift boxes and small, hands on cooking classes

What region of South Australia are you in?:
Adelaide North

How can you best contact you:
Phone Number 0404 005 118
Email: Contact Michelle on Email
Website: https://www.yumhugs.com.au/

Facebook Page: :https://www.facebook.com/yumhugshomebaked/

Let’s get to know Michelle a little more:

What has been a lesson you learnt in your career or business that has stayed with you?
I’ve learned that there is no substitute for in person connections. People will buy from a person that they know especially in Adelaide

What is your favourite place in South Australia to visit?
Adelaide Central Market

Why is being part of SA Woman important to you?
SA Woman is important to me working at home on my own as it’s a fantastic social outlet with like minded women who just “get it”. On the whole, as a group we aim to lift each other up with judgement or competitiveness. As a sole business owner it an be a lot to find all of the things & I know that if I need help, I only have to post in the Facebook group to quickly get an answer or a path to follow

What is a quote or mantra you live by?

1. If they wanted to they would
2. No response is a response
3. Not everybody has the same values, same goals or same heart as you

Mel Robbins