Meet SA Woman Member, Naomi Szetu.

Business/Organisation: Taylored Strategy
Job Role: Director

Tell us a bit about you:
I am an inquisitive and creative person and rarely think inside the box. As a result, I have travelled down many and varied career paths over the last 20+ years. I have collected a diverse range of skills and experience and discovered what energise and inspires me. I am a mum of 3 (a 23 year old and 10 year old twins), a role that provides me with opportunity to discover and grow daily.

I originally qualified and worked as a registered nurse, but quickly realised that shift-work was not for me. When the opportunity to work on a research project presented I seized it. This was the beginning of 10 years working at UniSA across research, professional services and business development roles.

In 2008 I took on a short-term public policy role within the South Australian Public Service. Over the 12 years that followed I led multiple projects and policy initiatives across diverse portfolios. A highlight for me was designing and implementing the Public Sector Innovation Lab. A particular focus of the Lab program was on building collaboration and problem-solving capabilities inside and outside of government. This work saw me bring together and share my insights into what makes teams and projects succeed.

In 2020, as Chief Digital Officer for the South Australian Government, I led a range public service responses to COVID. This was an extremely rewarding and challenging role, and like many others, COVID challenged me to think about life and work in different ways. The result, in early 2021 I established my own management consulting and coaching business.

Tell us a bit about your business or organisation/role:
Taylored Strategy is a small management consulting and coaching business based in Adelaide, South Australia.

As founder and director, I work predominantly with executive and managers to improve organisational performance and employee engagement. My expertise lies in designing and implementing strategies that build capability within individuals, teams and organisations. I am passionate about creating the conditions for people to feel engaged and productive at work. As a certified coach, I also provide organisational and executive coaching services.

Taylored Strategy’s services draw on broad and deep experience in workforce development, leadership development, workforce relations, process improvement, service design, public policy and governance spanning public and not-for-profit sectors.

What region of South Australia are you in?:
Adelaide South

How can you best contact you:

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Let’s get to know Naomi a little more:

What has been a lesson you learnt in your career or business that has stayed with you?
One of the biggest and most valuable lessons I have learnt over the course of my career is to listen to, and back myself. This has meant understanding the difference between fear because something is hard, and that feeling of unease when you know that something isn’t right (for example, a working relationship that isn’t healthy or a role that isn’t working for you).

What is your favourite place in South Australia to visit?
Yorke Peninsula

Why is being part of SA Woman important to you?
I am passionate about community and belonging and SA Woman provides a valuable, safe and welcoming place for women to connect.

What is a quote or mantra you live by?
“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.” Albert Einstein