Kendie Gador  – My OT and Me

Kendie Gador – My OT and Me

Hi, my name is Kendie and I am the Director and Occupational Therapist at My OT and Me. Throughout my 10 year career, my Occupational Therapy journey has taken me far and wide, from Gawler to the United Kingdom, working across public and private organisations. My position within these roles never ‘felt right,’ for me, so in 2023, I set off on my journey to establish an OT service that truly values people and that truly cares., and so, My OT and Me was born.

I wanted to create a service that focused on supporting the vulnerable in our community. To do this, I strive to support people with empathy, compassion and with the aim to be that OT that ‘gets it.’ In order to do this, I continue to seek opportunities to grow as a therapist and also learn from my patient cohort.

Beyond my professional career, I am a proud cat mum to Winston. I enjoy baking/cooking and creating an urban veggie patch to fulfil my ”sustainability cup’.

Emma Holdsworth  – The Mental Health Doula

Emma Holdsworth – The Mental Health Doula

I’m Emma.
– Single Mum to 2 amazing daughters.
– Passionate about changing the shape of Motherhood for as many mums as I can.
– I love the beach, my couch and adventures.
– I have worked with families for over 20 years.
– I’m learning to play Roller Derby.
– I am a sandplay therapist – postpartum doula – circle facilitator – counsellor – space holder.
– In 2024 I am prioritising space, play and rest!

Jenny Podorozhnaya  – Positive Future Self and Sisterhood Rising

Jenny Podorozhnaya – Positive Future Self and Sisterhood Rising

Hello, I’m Jenny. For the past 18 years, I’ve dedicated my life to the field of Psychotherapy, NLP training, and Clinical Supervision. My journey began in the beautiful landscapes of the United Kingdom, where I was born and first discovered my passion for helping others. Eight years ago, I found a new home under the sun-kissed skies of Australia, and it’s here that my journey has continued to flourish.

As someone who is proudly clinically registered with PACFA, my heart lies in guiding individuals towards realizing the incredible potential that lies within them. I believe that everyone is capable of so much more than they imagine, and it’s this belief that fuels my approach to therapy. There’s nothing more fulfilling to me than seeing someone discover and embrace their true capabilities.

My therapeutic approach is deeply influenced by the constructivist school, which respects and values each person’s unique life story. This perspective allows me to connect with each individual in a way that is both meaningful and personal, creating a warm and empathetic space for growth and healing.

Throughout my career, I’ve enriched my practice with additional training in Narrative Therapy, EMDR, DBT, and CBT. This diverse range of skills means I can offer a compassionate, holistic approach, tailored to meet the unique needs of each person I work with.

Beyond my individual therapy sessions, I find great joy in my role as an NLP Trainer and Clinical Supervisor. Here, I have the privilege of nurturing the next generation of therapists, sharing the wisdom and insights I’ve gained over the years. It’s a role that allows me to extend the reach of compassion and understanding in the world of psychotherapy.

In every interaction, whether it’s 1-1 or training groups, I strive to create an environment of warmth and empathy, where individuals feel genuinely heard and understood. My mission is to walk with you on your journey towards healing and self-discovery, helping you to unlock the doors to a life filled with potential and joy.

Tara Kate Tauba  – Tara Kate Arts Therapy & Studio

Tara Kate Tauba – Tara Kate Arts Therapy & Studio

Tara Kate Arts Therapy was established in 2017 by Tara, Inclusive Arts Therapist, Visual Artist and Founder. Tara noticed there were barriers for people with disability and those in supported aged care to be involved in meaningful activities that promote wellbeing.

With the support of her extensive qualifications ranging from a bachelor degree in visual arts and design to qualifications in arts therapy, training, disability, business, and health and lifestyle, Tara embarked on bringing arts therapy to the Barossa Valley and surrounding areas.

Since then, Tara has continued to evolve and grow her arts therapy services to support the changing needs of the community, combining her passion to connect people with the power of arts therapy in healing and wellbeing. This includes bringing a new focus and establishment of a space for clients to participate in self-expression in a safe and supportive environment.

Carly Thompson-Barry – SA Woman

Carly Thompson-Barry – SA Woman

Carly Thompson-Barry is a Business Nurturer and Founder of SA Woman, an organisation that connects, showcases and empowers women across South Australia. A weaver of women, she is relentless in her pursuit to nurture women in business and life and believes strongly in the need to support the whole woman – body, soul and business. With a diverse business career spanning the last 12 years, she brings her background in finance, business and wellbeing to help lead and lift up a membership community, mentor women in business and creatively showcase the work of women from all backgrounds across the State through a range of initiatives. Carly is passionate about bringing South Australian women to the forefront of recognition for their innovation and contribution to the South Australian economy. Underpinning her mission is the belief that ‘we can’t be what we can’t see’ and this drives the mission to continue to spread the word on the talented women our state has within it – inspiring all women and girls to soar, no matter their path.

With the support of her team and a strong belief in women empowering women, together they showcase the work women across South Australia do through the online community, social media channels, blog and Annual Awards and have helped hundreds of women in business to be connected and seen by many.