Tammy Edwards  – Tammy’s Table

Tammy Edwards – Tammy’s Table

A confessed extrovert and lover of freckles (the chocolates), I transitioned into a supposed semi-retirement nearly five years ago after selling my business, only for it to last a mere two weeks.

Passionate about business, I thrive on connecting, inspiring, and supporting individuals. My expertise lies in developing systems and processes to streamline and scale businesses. My philosophy is that every business owner should be in control, with the business serving them, not the other way around.

As a dedicated entrepreneur, I am committed to assisting fellow business owners in taking charge of their futures. This involves one-on-one coaching and facilitating business development groups.

What sets me apart is my firsthand experience. I built one of South Australia’s most successful conveyancing brands, a profitable and self-sustaining venture that required minimal hands-on management. My aim was to create a thriving business that could stand on its own and be sold as an asset upon my retirement in my 40s – a goal I successfully achieved.

Balancing personal life, family, and business is crucial, and I’m passionate about guiding my clients to create the lifestyle they desire.

Beyond business, I engage in activities that satisfy my extroverted nature, such as organising get-togethers with girlfriends, embarking on adventures with my daughter and hubby, acquiring new skills at art classes, and leisurely strolls around shopping centers (as a minimalist, I rarely make purchases but enjoy soaking up the energy of bustling crowds). Currently, I’m enthusiastically working through a “50 before 50” list, adding a delightful dimension to my life.

Naomi Szetu  – Taylored Strategy

Naomi Szetu – Taylored Strategy

I am an inquisitive and creative person and rarely think inside the box. As a result, I have travelled down many and varied career paths over the last 20+ years. I have collected a diverse range of skills and experience and discovered what energise and inspires me. I am a mum of 3 (a 23 year old and 10 year old twins), a role that provides me with opportunity to discover and grow daily.

I originally qualified and worked as a registered nurse, but quickly realised that shift-work was not for me. When the opportunity to work on a research project presented I seized it. This was the beginning of 10 years working at UniSA across research, professional services and business development roles.

In 2008 I took on a short-term public policy role within the South Australian Public Service. Over the 12 years that followed I led multiple projects and policy initiatives across diverse portfolios. A highlight for me was designing and implementing the Public Sector Innovation Lab. A particular focus of the Lab program was on building collaboration and problem-solving capabilities inside and outside of government. This work saw me bring together and share my insights into what makes teams and projects succeed.

In 2020, as Chief Digital Officer for the South Australian Government, I led a range public service responses to COVID. This was an extremely rewarding and challenging role, and like many others, COVID challenged me to think about life and work in different ways. The result, in early 2021 I established my own management consulting and coaching business.

Carly Thompson-Barry – SA Woman

Carly Thompson-Barry – SA Woman

Carly Thompson-Barry is a Business Nurturer and Founder of SA Woman, an organisation that connects, showcases and empowers women across South Australia. A weaver of women, she is relentless in her pursuit to nurture women in business and life and believes strongly in the need to support the whole woman – body, soul and business. With a diverse business career spanning the last 12 years, she brings her background in finance, business and wellbeing to help lead and lift up a membership community, mentor women in business and creatively showcase the work of women from all backgrounds across the State through a range of initiatives. Carly is passionate about bringing South Australian women to the forefront of recognition for their innovation and contribution to the South Australian economy. Underpinning her mission is the belief that ‘we can’t be what we can’t see’ and this drives the mission to continue to spread the word on the talented women our state has within it – inspiring all women and girls to soar, no matter their path.

With the support of her team and a strong belief in women empowering women, together they showcase the work women across South Australia do through the online community, social media channels, blog and Annual Awards and have helped hundreds of women in business to be connected and seen by many.